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3 March 2022

I love animals,  Pretty much all animals.  I love watching "behind the scene at the zoo" programs on the Animal Planet and record any horse show that comes ono PBS. 

As I have written several times here, my favorite wild animall is the elephant.

I love learning about elephant families and how human they are.  I have read several books written by people who have spent years observing elephants.

My favorite domestic animal is, of course, the dog.

With all of my love for animals, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of cats.  I don't DISlike cats.  We've had cats.  And I love kittens.

But the problem with kittens is that they eventually turn into cats. 

My very first pet was a cat.  We named her Socksie because she had 4 white feet.  This was when I lived in San Francisco and I don't know how long I had the cat, but she eventually ran away and we only saw her one more time, when she showed up on a rainy night and meowed to be let in.  After that she was gone.

When I lived with Mike and Char, before Walt and I were married, they had a cat named Yom.  Yom woke me up every morning by reaching his paw under the crack in the bedroom door and scratching the inside of the door.  Then when I'd dress to go to work, he would attack me as I walked down the hall because he liked the sound of my nylons rubbing together as I walked.  For Christmas he gave me a box of nylons.

When we moved to Davis, we got a cat.  I don't remember where we got him ... or why we got him, because we already had two dogs, but Spock moved into our life (called Spock because he had pointed ears).  I loved Spock.  He was the perfect cat.  I don't remember the order of our next cats, but when Spock died, we got another cat, who happened to be pregnant.  The kittens hated us from the day they were born and hissed whenever we tried to touch them. 

We managed to find homes for all but one kitten and so we kept it.  That cat and I hated each other.  When we were at the British Museum in London, I bought a cat mummy post card and later two other similar post cards and created a portrait gallery that hung in front of her food bowl.

She never seemed to notice. 

When she either got old or sick (I don't remember which) and it was time to put her down, I made an appointment at the vet and they set the appointment at the end of the so I didn't get emotional in a group of people in the waiting room.  When it was time to take the cat back, they told me I could take her out of her carrier and hold her for a minute, if I wanted.  I just wanted them to kill the cat.  But I pretended to say a loving goodbye and handed her off to the staff. They were sadder about her death than I was and sent me a condolence card a week later.

We haven't had cats since.

It's not that I'm against cats.  If I'm in a cat house and one of the cats jumps in my lap, I am happy to pet it and snuggle with it.  But I don't want a cat in my house, trying to be in my lap as I type, or sleeping on the keyboard, or on the kitchen counter.

Polly may be a pain in the butt with all of her barking (it's just conversation for her, but it is terribly annoying), but she's much more appealing to me than a cat would be.


Our friend, Michael Sugar's cat
Michael's cats are wonderful...and look at those eyes!

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