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1 March 2022

I found the Monk background on line and knew I had to use it as a background.

I love Monk.  I especially love that he lives in San Francisco near my neighborhood.  If you go down the street he is crossing and up the street on the other side, you'll be at the street where I grew up.

I remember in the years when I paid more attention to the Emmies than I do now (because now most of the actors and shows nominated are shows and people I have never heard of, even despite as much television as I watch).  It would make me angry every year that the Emmy for a best actor in a comedy series always went to Tony Shaloub for Monk.

I never watched Monk and never heard of Shaloub.  But one day I decided to check it out.  I believe this was after the series ended.  And whaddya know?  I fell in love with it.  I loved the quirky detective and his assistants...I prefer Natalie, but Sharona was good too. 

Monk is one of those shows that is on marathons many nights and weekends.  On Sunday, it starts at midnight and runs to 8 a.m.  I can turn the show on and don't need the sound because I know the episodes so well.

I started watching and have pretty much watched every episode, most of them many more  times than once.  I love the episodes which make him more human, like when he adopts a dog, and tries to make the dog live in an umbrella and ultimately pets her and even, toward the end, removes his gloves to actually touch her.

I also loved the episode where he agrees to foster a toddler, watching his reaction to the little boy become more normal to where he was actually thinking of adopting him until he realized how terrible it would be for the boy to have to live with him.  The moments before he turns him over to his adoptive parents brings tears to my eyes even as I write this, remembering.

I love  how they ended the series, learning that his murdered wife had given birth to a daughter before she married him.  He meets the daughter for the first time and it changes his life.

Anyway, I just love the show and decided to give it mention for the month of March.  And the fun thing is that Shaloub is from a family of 8 and one of his sisters is an actress in Sacramento.  I have reviewed her in a couple of plays and she's quite good, though, of course, I never spoke with her about her brother.



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