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23 June 2022

Well, I'm still negative .... but I took a fall yesterday.

It was after dinner and I tripped on some clothes I was folding and down I went.  I called for Ned, but he couldn't hear me.  I managed to get my cell phone, but apparently neither he nor Marta were checking their texts, but fortunately Marta came downstairs about 5 minutes later and then went to get Ned and the two of them were able to pick me up.

I've fallen several times in the family room and if you have to fall in this house, this is a good place to fall.  There's a rug, for one thing.  The first time I fell it was on the dog beds, nice and soft  Ned and Marta didn't live here at that time and neither Walt nor I could get me up, so I called 911 and learned that the fire department has a special "lift" program.  They showed up and had me in my recliner in nothing flat.

Last night I fell so that when I managed to get onto my back, my head was resting on a laundry basket with blankets in it and I could comfortably wait until someone came along to help.  I tried to get in my knees but could not.

It sounds so easy and in my head it feels like it should be no problem, but there are so many pounds to move that it's impossible.  I can't even crawl or pull myself along because there are too many pounds to move.  My knees are so bad that I can't get onto them to pull myself up.

Fortunately I have no residual pains from the fall, but I was uncomfortable walking anywhere, so I used my cane the next few times I got up.  But I'm fine today and, as I said, still negative.

The house is so quiet I feel almost like I'm the one in isolation, which, of course, I am.  Marta has been COVID positive the longest and so is probably the least contagious, so she is making meals for Walt and Ned and taking them upstairs, but she wears a mask while downstairs and stays away from me.

Ned had a low fever yesterday, but is otherwise fine, and no fever today.  Walt has no symptoms (yet?).

Walt is staying in the bedroom, but Marta says that tomorrow is the day when he can leave and go into his office (with the door closed).  I will probably test positive as soon as the others are finished with their isolation. 

Reminds me of when our kids had chicken pox.  Jeri got it (and missed her birthday) and as she was starting to feel better, Ned and Paul got it and then a week later Tom and David got it (David  was a baby).  So we had many weeks of isolation because of chicken pox.

I watched the Jan. 6 hearing yesterday.  I know that the people who should be watching probably aren't, but the stories of how #45 and his henchmen threatened people if they did not reverse the election was shocking.

Worst, was the story of Shaye Moss, an election worker.  She staffed an election office in Georgia. Then she was targeted by Trump

Trump mentioned her by name eighteen times in speeches, talking about how it was her fault that votes in Georgia were stolen.

Giuliani, who had called for Moss and Freeman’s homes to be searched and compared them to drug dealers, also claimed that a video shows Moss and Freeman passing around USBs that contained fraudulent votes. In reality, Freeman had handed Moss a ginger mint candy, Moss told the committee.

Even Moss’ grandmother received threatening phone calls and text messages, Moss testified. Unsolicited pizza orders were delivered to her grandmother’s home in the middle of the night. Late one evening, Moss said, her grandmother called her saying that a group of people had stormed into her home, claiming they were there to make a citizen’s arrest of Moss and Freeman.

Shaye's mother said that the FBI told her she should move from her house for two months due to threats brought on by Trump. And she doesn't use her name in public, after years of being known as "Lady Ruby" in her community and for her small business.

“Do you know how it feels to have the president of the United States to target you? The president of the United States is supposed to represent every American. Not to target one,” Freeman said. “He targeted me. A proud American citizen who stood up to help Fulton County run an election in the middle of a pandemic.”

This is the man whom so many Americans still follow and who want to be elected president in 2024.



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