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22 June 2022

Ned tested positive. 

As of this writing, I'm the only one in the house who does NOT have COVID.  Actually, I'm kind of hoping that I do test positive.  It will make living here much easier.  Ned is being so good at making sure I don't catch anything.  Marta did most of the Ned things today.  She figures as she has been positive the longest, she is the least likely to pass  it on, so she did meals for Ned and Walt, and also for me. 

Jeri and Phil came by.  They had visits with Walt and with me, both of us out our windows. 

They also went to the supermarket and loaded us up with food for the next few days, until Marta is free to go out.  Since today is Ned & Marta's anniversary and the 26th is Walt and my anniversary, Jeri said the groceries were our anniversary gifts.

Now Jeri and Phil have flown back to Boston. 

I feel so bad that Walt never saw the grandkids at all and I only saw them peripherally at the memorial, and with Jeri coming all the way across the country, we saw her essentially only one day.


This is some of the family standing in front of the mobile home that was my mother's before she moved up to Davis.  They went to a park there in the complex after the memorial, to get together outside!

There is one perk, I guess, to COVID.  We have had a lot of things recorded on our DVR and with nothing better to do, we are gradually working our way from 70%+ full to 30%+.





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