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21 June 2022

I was heartbroken to think of Ned not being able to be at the memorial.  He had worked so incredibly hard on it...literally for weeks (including making the slide show) but there just didn't seem to be any alternative.

He called Kaiser to find out what to do and they set up a telephone appointment with a doctor for 9:50 and Walt would have to isolate but because he had no symptoms, he wouldn't have to come to the hospital.

This meant that Ned didn't have to be here after all, so he and I drove down in one car, while Jeri and Phil drove down with Jessica.

We got there in time for Ned to get everything set up before guests started arriving.  It was pretty much the perfect size group, and included two people from the Scott family, a few from the Rynders family, Char and her daughter, and all of our family -- about 40 people in all.

We had great flowers.  Not only the bouquet that Jeri had picked the day before, but Tom brought flowers in 49er colors and my cousin Niecie brought a bouquet that had red flowers that had come from some that my mother gave her and springs of jacaranda.   My mother had given her a sprig of jacaranda and didn't think it would grow, but it apparently now is huge and it was great to have it in the arrangement.

Several people talked.  Tom and Ed both talked about my mother's love of the 49ers.

Jeri sang her song and brought me to tears.

Char talked about how my mother was the last of the Pinata Papers parents to die and Alice Nan remembered how my mother set up up with an interview for a job with Bank of America--and how she then worked in banking for nearly 30 years.

Everyone had wonderful things to say, but with the masks we all had to wear (especially Ned and me) and my hearing, I missed almost all of the speeches.

Ned's slide show was just perfect and afterwards, we all adjourned for snacks and then up to the gravesite, where she was put in the ground next to her husband, Fred.  Jeri brought her clarinet and played "Amazing Grace" before Ned took the box of ashes out to put in toe ground..

The family, including Jessica, went to a park afterwards, but Ned and I came home, bringing our COVID germs with us, and to check on Walt and Marta.  It was a strange evening, with Walt and I conversing via phone. 

In the morning, Ned was planning a big Fathers day brunch for everyone, but instead just made a special breakfast for Walt (and later for Marta and me).

Now let's see how the next ~10 days goes...  Ned and I continue to be COVID negative.


People who came to the memorial


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