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17 June 2022

What's that old saying?  "If you want to make God laugh, tell her what your plans are."

Well, God is having a hilarious time up in Heaven today. We're a real sit com this week.

We've been planning my mother's memorial for months.  She's been gone now since February and Ned, Jeri and Tom have been having phone calls and emails trying to find a date that works for all of them, since Jeri and Tom (and the girls) have such busy schedules.  They finally decided the 18th of June would be perfect.

Jeri and Phil will fly out from Boston, Tom and the grandkids will drive up from Santa Barbara (Laurel will stay at home to be with her father, for Fathers Day), Walt's sister and her husband will also drive up from Santa Barbara.

We've been planning the program and the food for weeks.

I'm going to read the "10 Little Indians" piece that my aunt Barb started years ago, keeping track of all of the deaths of her siblings.  My mother being the last to die, it was me who finished the piece and I think it should be read.

Jeri will play the clarinet and has also written a song about my mother that she's going to play the guitar for.

Tom is going to talk about my mother and the 49ers.

And Ned, who will be the MC, has been working for weeks on a slide show.  He showed us the slide show last night and I had a couple of photos that he needed to add, so I spent a long time looking for them.

Last night we decided on the food.  We have to have stuffed eggs, my mother's specialty, and we need a bowl of Hershey kisses, since she always had Hershey kisses around the house.  Other food will be normal things like clam dip, peanuts, a cheese plate, including brie, and a few other things--it's not to be a lunch, just finger food.

Jeri, her friend Jessica and I are going to the place where Jessica works to pick flowers to take to the cemetery and as I was going to sleep last night I realized we need to get a planted orchid too put with a photo of my mother, since she raised orchids for such a long time.

I sent out a reminder to everyone about the date and time of the memorial and as I was falling asleep remembered her good friend, a guy who used to check up on her every week when his wife was at her gym.  He and I had exchanged a couple of messages before and after she died -- and I couldn't remember his name, so I was up until 2:30 a.m. going through gmail, Facebook and Messenger messages trying to find it.  I finally gave up.

Jeri and Phil are going to stay at a friend's house, but Tom and the girls are going to stay here and we will have everyone come for Father's Day breakfast on Sunday morning, including Walt's sister and her husband.

I woke up around 6:45 this morning and poured myself a cup of coffee, which Ned had made and as I sat there, Ned came down to tell me that Marta, who has been feeling bad since they had their COVID booster on Monday, was still feeling bad, so she took a test and ...she tested positive for COVID.

Thanks, God.

Ned, Walt and I all tested and are negative, so that's a good thing.

So we don't know what we are going to do or who is going to stay where ... and will Tom come?  If he does, will he bring the girls? Marta has been staying away from the rest of us since she started feeling bad, so Walt and I haven't any contact with her, but is there danger in the air in the house for Tom and the girls?  And we're supposed to have them, Jeri & Phil and Walt's sister and her husband for Father's Day breakfast.  Ned has been planning his meals for weeks.

I assume we will still have somewhat of a memorial and everyone else can decide if they want to stay here and eat here or if we should cram into Walt's brother's house instead.

Remind me never again to tell God what my plans are.

(In addition to things this weekend, Ned and Marta have made reservations for a long weekend at Mendocino to celebrate their anniversary next weekend, which they now have to cancel...the form they had to sign for the fancy place they intended to stay says if you cancel less than 10 days before the date, you lose your payment (and the form specifically says that this includes the pandemic), so Ned is out several hundred dollars.)






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