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15 June 2022

Well, I didn't come home from Kaiser with hearing aids.

Walt, Ned and I drove to Kaiser to their hearing aid station and I saw the woman I had seen in audiology a month or so ago (her last name is ZHDAMIROVA ... not sure how to pronounce that!)

She showed me the two typs of hearing aids that I could choose from.

The one on the right goes into the ear and is not rechargeable.  The one on the left is rechargeable and goes over the ear.  I chose the one on the left and she took me through the various options (and costs)

She inserted some silicone into the ear to harden.

When it hardened, they could take it out and have the shape of the ear.

Then she let me know that it would take 3 weeks for them to get the aids made.  They tried to make me an appointment for July 5, but we will be in Santa Barbara then, so we made an appointment for the 11th...which means I will miss hearing well for the gathering for my mother's memorial and all the family gathering for Tom's birthday weekend.  But after THAT, I should be able to hear.


(The price has actually come down a bit)



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