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14 June 2022

I have mentioned here several times that my daily routine involves settling into the recliner around noon with a lunch, turning on Criminal Minds on Netflix (because on Netflix there are no commercials) and taking a 1-2 hour nap.  I've been doing this for a few years now.

So imagine my sadness to see that June 29 will be the last day that Criminal Minds will be on Netflix.  Sure, you can find a marathon almost every day on one of the cable channels, but those come with commercials.

I did some checking.  Maybe Monk was on Netflix, but it's not. So then I checked NCIS an yes, the original NCIS all 12+ seasons of it is available on Netflix, so now I'll have to get into daily Gibbs instead of daily Hotch and
Abby instead of Garcia.

The only problem with NCIS is that there are more gun battles than Criminal Minds so it might not be as good for sleeping.

Have you ever watched the NCIS team breaking into a house, or anywhere they might be suspecting to find the unsub?  Several cars arrive at the location and out of one car come several heavily made up guys with rifles in their hands and helmets on their heads.

Behind them come five or so NCIS guys with no jacket, no hat, and nothing whatsoever to protect them.  What do the guys with the rifles and the helmets do?  They seem to go into the house and out the back and we never see them again, while the unarmed NCIS guys catch the bad guy.

So today is the big day.  My appointment for hearing aids is in about an hour from when I am writing this.  I don't know if I will get them today or if I'll have to wait (Char had to wait a couple of weeks, I think).  But if I get them today it will be nice because Saturday is the memorial for my mother and won't it be nice to hear  everyone.

It's time for me to be getting these...pretty soon I am going to run out of volume increases to hear the TV...I'm up to 60 now and it's still now all that great.

I saw an interview with Katie Tur the other day.  She has written an autobography, "Rough Draft".

I read her first book, "Unbelievable," which was written about the Trump campaign.  She was assigned to cover Trump when he first announced -- and who knew he would go on to be elected?  The book was fascinating and I enjoyed it.

So hearing she had written an autobiography, I was interested, but my word has she had an unusual life.  From parents who were the very first helicopter reporters who took her with them when she was a toddler, to an abusive father, to a father who, in his 60s, announced he was going to have surgery to become a woman.  And more.

I was so taken with her interview, I pre-ordered the book right away and it arrived at midnight last night.  I was up until 1 a.m. reading it and had to force myself to put it down.  I can see I am going to zip through this book very quickly!

Off to Kaiser.....





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