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6 June 2022

On Memorial Day weekend, a year after Paul died, his best friend Kag hosted a "Paul Picnic" at a park in Berkeley.  Many of his friends came, there was a BBQ and games and lots of music...and not really much sadness.  It was just a gathering to have fun in Paul's name.

We've had the picnic nearly every year for the past 20 years, first with his friends, then his friends and their spouses, then their spouses and children.  We've watched the kids grow up to where they are now busy doing other things and don't come to the picnic.

Picnic 2015

There was no picnic during COVID, of course, but this year Ned and his friend Jon, who owns a farm here in Davis, decided to host the picnic again.  It was especially nice because we didn't have to drive to Berkeley.

Ned has been helping Jon all week.  Jon, who has had an accident and can't lift anything heavy, was unable to help Ned  stack forty bales of hay to make a place to put a cover to keep the sun off everyone.  He came home Friday night exhausted...and very sore!

There were lots of people at the picnic, lots of food, games, and of course, music.  There is always music when this group gets together.

One thing Ned wanted to do was to create a cover for an album he wants to make.  Lawsuit's big recording was "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip," and Ned wants to have it re-recorded on vinyl, so he asked everyone to bring things to put on the shelves that his friend Brad was going to build, so he can recreate, as much as possible, the cover for the original CD.  People were invited to bring special things to add to the shelves.

Kag, who had recently visited Jeri in Boston, brought this license plate from her to add to the cover.  This is the license of the car David was driving when he was killed.

My contribution was the big smiley face candle that Paul gave me for Christmas the year before he died.

It was really a fun afternoon, though I realized how bad my hearing has become because I had trouble talking to just about everyone.  My hearing aid appointment is June 14 and I am looking forward to it.




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