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3 June 2022

The queen is celebrating her 70th anniversary

She certainly looks good for someone 96.  If you think about it, probably most of the people living in England have never known any other monarch. 

I was barely 10 when she became queen and we had just gotten our first television so we were able to watch her coronation.  The pictures from that day aren't all that different from today

I'm not necessarily big on the royalty, but it is fun to watch all the pageantry.  When we were in England, one of my favorite things to see was the golden carriage she frequently was paraded through the streets in.

It was kept in a museum in the middle of a pool of water, so people could see it, but could not get close enough to it to touch it.

She certainly has been a popular ruler and I don't ever remember scandals about her ... her kids, yes, but her no.  She seems very attuned  to the populace and while she is definitely set apart from everyone, she seems willing to meet some of the people.  I remember when she went out to meet the mourners after Diana's death.

I remember she was so terribly surprised at the grief that so many felt for the death.

It has been fun watching her throughout my life and things will certainly not be the same when she either dies or turns the monarchy over to Charles.

I loved the airplane salute.






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