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1 June 2022

Jeri and were having discussions about family, which started after she read a Heather Cox Richardson essay on Memorial Day in which she talked about a guy who had been killed in the War and who would be memorialized on the holiday.

Jeri said she didn't know if anybody in our family had been in the service and we started talking about memories of family.  I realized that people in my mother's family with whom I grew up (especially three of her sisters) and knew so well, Jeri didn't know at all and it made me think about people's lives.

We all live more than one life.

I have a life here with Walt and Ned & Marta and we have our daily routines but I also have a life on the internet that most people in the family know nothing about.  There are people on Facebook who have become acquaintances and friends ... they can never be the close friends that face-to-face friends can be, but they can definitely be friends whom you follow every day, whose families you follow, whose health you follow and yet the people I live with have no idea who they are.

Then there is my pen pal life.  Many of the people to whom I write are merely acquaintances, but some, after a year or more of correspondence, are becoming friends.  Those are the letters that brighten my life when I see in the mail.  But, again, nobody here has any idea about my pen pal friends and it's a whole life that I have that has nothing to do with the Walt/Ned/Marta life.

I've been sponsoring kids through Compassion, Int'l for over 20 years and have letters all over my office from kids.  Some of them have been on my list for a long time. . Some write more than others do, but in all these years except for a day recently where Jeri asked me how "my kids" are, nobody in the family has shown the slightest interest in any of the children who are such a big part of my life -- even when I post their pictures on the refrigerator.

Walt was trying to remember who were the people who went to cousins day all those years a go, Cousins Day being the most important weekend of my life at that time.  He remembered my cousin Peach, but couldn't remember Kathy.

I guess everybody has different "lives," but it's sad to realize that when I die, many of these people won't be notified.  I'll just drift away.

I'm trying to let Jeri know a bit more about my mother's family.  I made many videos of my mother talking about her growing up and her siblings and posted them to Blip, with a link on this journal ... I just found out that Blip ended in 2018 and all of those videos are lost.  I hope I can find where I have them stored on my computer--or disk.  I was so diligent in trying to get as much as I could of my mother while she still remembered things.

It is sad to think that when Jeri, Ned and Tom are gone, with no grandsons in the family, the Sykes family will also be gone.

Just weird thoughts I'm having today.





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