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26 July 2022

From time to time, I talk about "Hour Baur."  This the family term for how long it takes for people to say good bye in this family.  Walt's mother's maiden name was Baur and it seems that the Baur family can't say goodbye in under and hour (which the in-laws hate), so we frequently refer to something taking an Hour Baur..

Our favorite Baurs are Walt's cousin Ernie and his wife Lucille, who live in Maryland.  We don't see them often, but when we do it's very special.

They are in California now, planning to attend the wedding of one of Lucille's relatives, so they are dividing their time between visiting with Ernie's side of the family and then with Lucille's.

We had planned on getting together with them at Walt's brother Norm's house, but his wife tested positive for COVID, so Ernie, Lucille and Norm all came up here, which meant they would also get a chance to visit with Marta, who is working at home.. 

I had them check on the menu for Togo's sandwiches on line and Ned ordered them so we could all eat sandwiches here at home.  The weather at noon was comfortable enough that we could eat outside.  I loved the receipt that came with the sandwiches.

The thing about Ernie and Lucille is that whenever you get together there is a lot of laughter. Both of them are performers of sorts.  Ernie was a Director in TV sports in DC for many years  and I have always referred to him as the family seanachai (Irish story teller).  Lucille has been an actress in community theater and was the public relations officer for the local police department for many years.   So there is no struggling to make conversation, as often happens with me; it just happens.

We talked about the squirrels and showed them the squirrel house.  Ned explained  that the camera no longer works, but that when it had been working he got good pictures of the squirrels mating in the nest.

We retired to the air conditioned living room and had a nice long visit.  Lucille had spent a bit of time with the grandkids in Santa Barbara and I was pleased to get a report from her.  Tom and Laurel are very busy people and so I almost never hear from them to find out what is going on with the girls.  I knew that Lacie had come in second in a math competition, but I didn't know that there were 185 students from all of Santa Barbara competing and that it was a much bigger deal than I knew.  I also didn't know that Brianna had ?auditioned (is that the right word?) and was accepted into an engineering class in her new high school and will be taking an engineering course.  That was a big surprise.

They are big TV watchers and Ned and Ernie had good TV chats.  Ned and Norm had a lengthy disagreement about Tom Cruise's performance in the Reacher movies.

Ned and Lucille watched You Tube videos.  It's interesting these days how much internet photos and video become a part of visiting with friends.

It was such a wonderful afternoon and one of the best "Hour Baurs" I can remember spending!



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