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21 July 2022

I had my dental appointment yesterday...and no cavities or other problems, which is nice.

I have mentioned several times in this journal about how much I love going to Cindy's office.  I met her when she had just graduated and was getting her practice established by working part time in another dentist's office and part time at the typing service where I also worked.

We -- all of us who worked at the typing service -- became good friends and did a lot of socializing.

Cindy eventually set up her own office.  I didn't choose to go to her because those were the years when I was avoiding dentists altogether (20 years because of a bad experience with a dentist in Berkeley).  In fact, whenever we were with Cindy, I made sure that I never opened my mouth much because I knew I had a lot of problems and I didn't want her to see.

But the there came the day when my problems were so bad I had to see a dentist.  I sent her an email and she made an appointment for me.  I fully expected she would have to pull all of my front teeth.  She was so very kind.  She scheduled me for the end of the day, after all the other patients had left.  I had so much tartar on my teetn she told me later she was disappointed she didn't take a photo because it would have been good in a dental journal, but she didn't want to make me uncomfortable.

My teeth didn't have to be extracted, but needed a lot of work and I've joked that I probably put two of her kids through college.  But I continued to be her patient, seeing her every 4 months.  We also went bike riding three times a week, a 15 mile bike ride before breakfast, in the days when I was dieting and exercising.

People have though I was silly actually looking forward to my dental appointments.  The office reminded me of going to a beauty parlor, with music playing and people chatting back and forth...and even with work being done, it was always painless.  Plus, it was my chance every 4 months to have a visit with Cindy.

The last time I went, she introduced me to the dentist who had come in to, I thought, share her office.  Nice lady. 

When I went in yesterday, the office just felt different.  I didn't recognize anybody (of course, you can't recognize anybody anyway because of the masks) and nobody knew me.  I also had t o fill out a form before being seen, which I had never done before. 

That's when I learned that Cindy had retired about the time of my last appointment.  Since I am never in contact with her between appointments, I didn't realize that she retired.  I knew she was talking about retiring, but didn't realize she's done it.  (So this means I was with her for her entire career as a dentist, from the days when she was starting to the days when she retired!)

It all felt different.  I didn't know the hygienist and when we talked about what I do with my teeth and I told her I used the GUM soft picks to massage my gums between my teeth, which had been recommended to me last time, she didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  apparently there is now a whole range of GUM products that clean between your teeth better.

Her way of cleaning my teeth was different...not much different but it felt different.  The whole place seemed like I was learning a new office.  Even the poster on the ceiling was different.

It's hard when you get old enough that all the places you go to and all the people you deal with don't exist any more and have been replaced by other people and/or establishments.  I don't recognize downtown Davis any more, since I don't get out any more. 

I will definitely miss my quarterly visits with Cindy.


Jeri and Jessica

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