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18 July 2022

Yesterday was Marta's birthday and Ned set things up for her beautifully.  He had Trader Joe croissants rising to be baked first thing in the morning, but she said she'd like bagels for breakfast, so he went out and got fresh Noah's bagels and cheeses and we all enjoyed both croissants and bagels for breakfast.

She opened gifts before breakfast.  Both Ned and I had shopped from her Amazon wish list and each of us got her a jacket of some sort.  I was not able to get out and buy her a birthday card, so I made one for her.  She now works for the state of California, but had her own massage business for many years, so I was pleased to find this picture for the cover of the card.

In the afternoon Ned and Marta went to a movie at a theater in Sacramento.  I stayed home and watched at a 12 hour long Monk marathon.

One of my favorite episodes:  Mr. Monk and the Kid

I admit to sleeping through a lot of the marathon.  Last night had been a "no sleep night" and so I was pleased to get about 3-4 hours of sleep, in two or three different naps, during the day.

Marta's favorite dinner is pizza and so Ned got pizza from her favorite pizza place for dinner and we ended the day with cheesecake.  Not a bad birthday!

I spent the weekend getting caught up on correspondence.  I had a small stack of unanswered letters that I was able to get to.  The short letters are easy and quick to answer, but the longer letters, the one I like the best, take more time and I had several of those and managed to get them all answered.

Now I just have to see what the mailman is going to bring tomorrow!


Jeri, Phil and Jessica at a Phish concert
(Phil and I have matching t-shirts)


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