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17 July 2022

Hi! Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves!


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To which countries have you been?
Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria. Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, China, Finland, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Monaco, Turkey

Which countries would you love to visit one day?
Several African countries to see the big game.

Have been on a trip this year or have one planned for later?
Nope.  Waiting until we are finished with COVID

What kinds of transport do you prefer to travel by? (train, car, plane,...)
I love the train, but we almost never travel by train.  I used to like to fly, but the planes have become so cramped and the airports so crowded and everything so unpleasant (and expensive), it's not fun any more.

Do you get yourself a souvenir to take home? If yes, what do you like to buy?
I used to get spoons until I got too many of them.  Now I get magnets, but I pretty much have too many of those too.

Do you like to try local food? Can you recommend anything or advise not to try something?
I do like trying local foods, but am not very adventurous, so it has to be "normal" (to me) food, perhaps prepared locally.  The thing I always have in England is scones and clotted cream.  Can't get scones like that in this country...or clotted cream.

Do you book your travel online or classical in a travel agency?
We do everything on line.  Mostly through Viking Travel.

Name three things that you can not go anywhere without and have in your suitcase.
Well, I'd say glasses, but would never PACK them because I never take them off.  So other than glasses, computer, cell phone all the cords necessary for computer & cell phone.  If there is room left over, I might throw in a few clothes.

Tell about a funny travel experience you had.
On our very first river cruise, we were in two small boats, 4 of us in one and 4 in the other, with a man and woman who ran the boats.  The woman was very pregnant.  Outside of Windsor Castle, a mother swan and her babies swam in front of the boats, which were sailing side by side.  one of the babies got separated from the rest. We spent a lot of time trying to keep the baby from getting caught between the boats, including the pregnant woman straddling the two boats with a broom trying to sweep it out.  She did finally save the baby and it joined the rest of the family.

Tell about a bad travel experience your had.
We went to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  We got there early so we could be the first ones in and were in line for hours until they opened the gate, and when we finally got to the door, discovered that the mosque was closed until the afternoon. 

40 pissed people trudged to the nearby Hagia Sophia, looking back at the Blue Mosque we had traveled thousands of miles to see, and were now not going to see because most of us (not us, fortunately) were leaving Istanbul before dawn the next morning.

exiting the Blue Mosque

We waited and waited at the Hagia Sophia and finally moved into the vestibule of the mosque, where out guide proceeded to explain to us every. single. one. of the history panels while other groups went in and out of the museum.  We figured he was trying to fill the time that he would have taken touring the Blue Mosque.  But it only made us more pissed.  At one point he asked "Am I boring you" and there was a loud shout of "YES!!!!" from the people who were still around him and hadn't moved off on their own  When we finally got to go inside, we discovered that it was being fixed and half of the big room was behind curtains, so we never got the full experience.

What kind of accommodation do you usually stay in when you go on trips?
When we travel with Viking, they always put us up in 5 star hotels.  When we travel alone, more the Motel 6 variety.

Have you ever traveled alone by yourself? Did you like it? If not, would you want to try it?
The only time I have traveled alone was going to Australia by myself.  But once I got there, I stayed with my friend for six weeks, so I never really "traveled alone" except on the plane.  I'm a bit too nervous to do a whole bit of travel by myself.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination?
Put the luggage somewhere and then explore the hotel and the neighborhood.  I don't unpack until we are ready to settle in for the evening.  I never take a nap after a long flight, so that when I finally go to sleep, my body realizes it's nighttime and I rarely have trouble sleeping (well, no more trouble sleeping than I would have at home)

What kinds of activities do you like to do when you are traveling?
On river cruises, my favorite thing is meeting local people.  I'd  rather spend an hour with a local family (and a translator) than go to a museum.  I loved the zoo in China.  I like to go to an outdoor cafe in a famous place, sit and have some local dessert and just watch the passing of people.  And, of course, I like spending time in gift shops.


How do you like to spend your vacation? (on a cruise, backpacking, etc)
I really did enjoy the cruises that we went on.  These days nothing too physical.

Do you like to travel in your own country? If yes, can you recommend a place?
We've visited 32 different states.  I have most enjoyed Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.  I like the others too, but those probably the most.  The geography of Utah was a big surprise to me when we drove through there.  Going to the state fair in Palmer, Alaska was great fun, watching the balloon races up the valley and seeing the gigantic produce grown there.  On the beach on the Big Island in Hawaii, we watched a mother whale and her baby playing for a long time...that was very special.



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