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14 July 2022

So we've had Session 7 of the January 6 hearings, another bombshell 2 hours, confirming (or not denying) the important parts of the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson.  And two members of extremist groups talked about how they came to D.C. at the invitation of Trump, not intending to go to the capital until he invited the crowd to go...and expected him to go with them.  They also said that as soon as they heard the Tweet from Trump (many hours later), they left and had he tweeted earlier, they might not have stormed the capitol.

Apparently next week's Session 8 is going to take us, minute by minute, through all that happened on January 6.

I had to write a pen pal letter that I have never written before.  This was to someone to whom I had sent a letter of welcome to the League of Extraordinary Pen Pals on Facebook. In my chatty welcome letter, I mentioned watching the hearings, but didn't make any comment about my thoughts.  She returned with a nice letter, but said she hadn't watched any of the hearings because she's a devoted Trump fan, she knows he has done nothing wrong and that the hearings are merely "democratic distraction," which sounds like something she might have picked up from FOX.

Well...that wasn't going to be a relationship that was going to blossom!  I told her that our political views were quite different and that while I respected her opinion, she should get her facts straight before expressing them, explaining that two of the questioners were Republican and most, if not all, of the people testifying are Republicans, who had worked with Trump.

I don't expect to hear back from her!

I have watched all of the hearings and it is one negative thing after another, and one wonders how the president of the United States can get away with all that Trump has done (and continues to do -- he recently called someone who is scheduled to testify, who didn't take the call and reported it to the Department of Justice.  Other people have been threatened.)

I am wondering what is going to happen when the hearings have finished.  Certainly there is so much information that has come out that Trump can't go scot-free.  I don't see the former president of the country actually arrested, but oh how I want to see a perp walk.

I would at least like to hear some regret at the lives of the people who have been changed because of the events of January 6...like the two policemen who have lost their jobs, one of whom is physically injured so that he can no longer work as a policeman. 

Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell. Gonell's doctor recently told him
that wounds to his left shoulder and right foot had
prevented him from continuing work as a police officer.

Or the people who were murdered during the attack.  But "regret" is an emotion our ex-president seems unable to feel.

It saddens me that it seems that the people who need to listen to these hearings are not watching them.  If they are, how can people like Lindsay Graham, for example, continue to be so supportive of his buddy.  And what does it say about them for their support in light of all the evidence presented in the hearings?


Cassidy Hutchinson,                                 Pat Cipollone


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