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13 July 2022

The day has come.  I have gotten my hearing aids.

It took awhile to get everything set up.  First, she put the hearing aids in my ears.

Then she had me listen to a recording about carrots so she could adjust the volume.

Then there was a lot of instruction ... amazing the things these aids can do!  Much more than I ever imagined.

So now I'm getting used to them, and am surprised at how loud everything is.  I never dreamed how loud Bouncer's toenails are when walking across the floor, for example (I was told that I would be surprised at how loud things would be).

Ned, for example, is SO LOUD in the car.  But the hearing aids have a directional component to them, if I want to set it.  We can be in the car and I set it for recording the back seat, which means Ned isn't as loud and I have no trouble hearing Walt.

First thing was to test the TV.  It had gotten to the point where I had to set the volume at 60 in order to hear it well, and so I usually use headphones so that I can keep the volume at 30 and don't blast everyone out of the house.  When we first got DISH, I had the volume at 30 and over the months it has gradually had to be increased until now when I have to have it set at 60.  When we got home, I turned on the TV and set it at ..... 20 !!!  Not only could the volume be set at 20, but I didn't need closed captions either.  The voices were clear, not fuzzy.

I can control the aids with my cell phone and Bluetooth and, unlike Eargo, which has 3 volume settings, I can control the volume like I would a radio, changing it slightly until it is the right volume.

There are some things that are not pleasant.  My voice, for example, is MUCH louder when I talk and if I take a deep breath, for instant, I hear it.  The worst is coughing.  I tend to cough a lot and when I cough it's VERY loud, but I realized I can mute the hearing aids before I have a coughing fit.

It's going to take awhile before I start feeling "normal" with these hearing aids, but oh my word...I haven't had to ask Walt to repeat himself once since I got them.  That's worth the money to begin with!



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