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12 July 2022

I have started a new project, which will probably take me weeks, if not longer, to complete.

I have many, many photo albums filled with photos of my life.  These are some of the newer ones...not all of them, but some of them.

These cover my years after high school and up to when I got a digital camera in 2000 and started taking all of my pictures digitally.  (My mother had a photo album.  It started before she and my father married, and covered her life up until I was about 7 years old...and there were still pages to be filled, while I think I have 200 pictures of Jeri in her first week or month of life!)

I started my first album when I got my first camera, at age 10, and I filled two albums of pictures up until I graduated from high school.

At one point we had my early photo albums and my mother's album in a box in the living room and came home one day to discover that one of the dogs had been tearing them up.  I was just sick.  There were photos everywhere, and some were torn up, some still in the album, but the pages chewed.

Now I have those albums, album pages, and loose photos everywhere and it's one of those weird things that some day I'll go into my office and there will be a photo on the floor--I don't know how it got there or where it came from.  This has been going on for years. 

I finally decided that I'm almost 80 years old and it's time to get these torn up albums organized.  So I am going to be going through every photo and copying it, throwing away the pictures I am no longer interested in, and get the rest of them into a file on my computer (actually two or three files, one on my computer and back-ups on flash drives.  I don't want to lose these photos!)

So it's quite an interesting task going through these, photo by photo.  I also went through my godfather's photo album and my grandfather's, seeing their photos from bicycle racing, vaudeville, and boxing (my grandfather was in vaudeville, my godfather a 6-day bicycle racer, and one of their other brothers was a boxer).  I scanned several photos to post in the San Francisco history groups on Facebook, but the albums are in good condition and can stay as albums.  But it was fun reading things like this article

Leo Legler was my grandmother's brother.  I don't know that I ever met him.  And I'd love to know what the outcome of this custody battle was!  I also found programs of shows that my grandfather was in and newspaper articles about his brother, coming within one fight from being bantam weight champion.

So anyway, this is going to occupy my life for the next several weeks and I hope that when I'm finished I will have NO more loose photos on the ground (tho still tons in boxes that never made it into albums) and it will be much easier to find specific photos because they are all going into special folders:  "Christmas," "birthdays," "Bill" (my boyfriend), "St. Brigid" (grammar school), etc.


6 day bicycle race in 1909
My godfather is Fred West, on the far left


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