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8 July 2022

Here I am in my Shirley Temple curls and my patent leather shoes.  I'm probably 4 or 5 in this picture.

My mother loved patent leather shoes.

One of her favorite growing up stories was about a girl in her school who wore patent leather shoes and how much my mother wanted a pair.  But she was one of 8 children and they lived on a ranch and had no money, so something as expensive as patent leather shoes (which you wouldn't wear on a ranch) were not possible.

And then she got a part in a school play and had to dress up and she needed to wear patent leather shoes, so my grandmother bought her a pair and she was so thrilled to finally have them.

My mother loved shoes.  She had so many shoes I thought of her as the Imelda Marcos of San Rafael.  She didn't spend a lot on shoes but she worked for a thrift store that raised money for Hospice of Marin and whenever someone donated shoes, if she liked them, she bought them.  It always surprised me that when I moved her to Davis, she didn't care about bringing any of her shoes...but that was before I realized that she would not participate in any of the social events at Atria and wouldn't need fancy shoes.

I must have been a terrible disappointment to my mother.  I hated shoes.  I hated shopping for shoes and if I didn't have to wear shoes, I didn't.  As a little kid, I cried when I had to go to the shoe shop, and I hated those patent leather shoes my mother loved to buy for me.

When I got older and bought my own shoes, the thing I hated to do was to go shoe shopping.  I remember needing some good shoes once and going to a mall and determined I was not going to come home without shoes.  I went to every single shoe store, some more than once, until I finally found a pair of red shoes that I didn't hate, and bought them.  Those became my "good shoes" for years until they got too worn out and had to be replaced.

(Walt has no idea how lucky he is to have a wife who doesn't like to buy shoes!)

As I've gotten older and gained so much weight, my foot has gotten larger and wider, and finding shoes that even fit me is pretty nigh impossible.  That is one reason that I wear Birkenstocks, whenever I have to wear shoes.  I have one or two other pairs of shoes, but they don't feel comfortable.  I can't remember the last time I wore something other than Birkenstocks anywhere.

Not only do I have a thing about shoes, I have a terrible thing about feet.  The thing worse than having to wear new shoes is having to put on someone else's old shoes, like my mother did with all those used shoes.  I hated going bowling because you had to rent shoes to wear and I absolutely hated putting my feet ... even with socks ... into shoes that someone else had worn.  No way  would I borrow a friend's shoes for anything.

When I was working at Women's Health, a friend gave me a foot massage and I hated it, but she was so nice about doing it that I let her do it, but I never wanted a foot massage again.

When I went to work for Dr. G, at some point he decided to do bone density exams.  He bought a table on which full body exams would be done, but then he had a smaller device where you could test bone density by doing a foot exam.  And while I didn't have the expertise to do the full body machine, he figured I could do the foot exam.  It involved taking someone's bare foot and putting it on the device and doing....whatever I had to do.  I don't think I even had rubber gloves to wear.  Oh how I hated doing that and thank goodness I didn't have to do many of them.

One nice thing about our pandemic is I have no excuse to leave the house and so wandering around wearing only socks makes me very happy.


Bri and a friend at the beach


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