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7 July 2022

Today would have been my uncle Frank's birthday.  I don't know why I remember that every year.  I don't think I remember anybody else's birthday in the family -- and Frank wasn't really "family," but "in-law."  In a family as large as ours (10 first generation, 32 second generation, and lord knows how many third generation--and all the marriages too), it's special that I remember this one birthday.

Frank was married to my aunt Marge, Peach's mother...and actually Marge's birthday is easy to remember because it's Halloween, and I always remember Peach's because we were good friends.  But that's all.  I don't have a clue when her sister's birthday is, or even when my cousin Kathy, who was part of Cousins Day, had her birthday.

some of my cousins; L  to R:  Peach, Mandy, Kathy, Shirley, me, Kelly
Mandy and I are the only ones still alive.

I always thought I had a good relationship with Frank and sent him a card every year on his birthday.  He had a good sense of humor and we teased each other a lot.  I remember when I went on a diet and was able to buy a dress that was a size 10 and he insisted that there was no way I could be wearing a size 10 dress.  I always loved going to his house because I had such a good time with him.

He was one of the few people in my mother's family that my father liked, which is probably why Peach and I got to be good friends because my father enjoyed visiting Frank and Marge and he didn't like any of my mother's other siblings.

My mother (L) and her siblings

I was shocked when I heard that Marge and Frank were divorcing.  I hadn't seen them in a long time, but I wanted to be sure that Frank knew that my feelings for him remained the same, even with the divorce.

I sent him a letter, telling him how special he had been to me and that the divorce wouldn't change my opinion of him, or of our friendship.  I never heard from him again.  Another person I thought loved me...and didn't really!

But I always remember his birthday and think about him every year on this date.


I miss being at that picnic!


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