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6 July 2022

I play Wordle every day.  I almost always stay awake to watch Colbert's monologue and by the time he's ready to introduce his first guest, it's midnight and the new Wordle is ready.  I find the word and then I can go to sleep.  If I have a hard time finding the word, I keep turning words over in my mind and trying a new one, then turning off the light and trying to sleep again, then turning on the light and trying a new word.

I am able to get the word just about every day, but it almost always takes me four or five tries to get the right word.  This is today's.  It always makes me so angry when the first word I choose has NO usable letters in it.  Sometimes the first TWO words have no usable letters.  This is today's game.  Getting it in 5 out of 6 tries is pretty average for me.

Yesterday I was shocked.

I almost never get it in three.

Most people use the same word as the first word.  I use a different word each night, though try to use a word that has two vowels in it.  The last hour before midnight, when I can play the new game, I read the captions on the TV (I always have captions on because it's so hard for me to hear otherwise). I look for five letter words that will be good to start my new game.  And I think "YES!  That's the word!"  But by the time I have registered that this is the word to use, I have already forgotten it.  I can choose four or five different first words before I finally remember a word to use.

Wordle, each night, make me realize how my memory is fading.

I have taken to having a notebook by my chair so that when I hear someone talk about a show on TV that is good, I can write it down and the channel it's on because I can't remember it for more than  5 minutes.

I know that I am going to end up with dementia or Alzlheimers like my mother and my aunt, if I live long enough, so it's interesting to see how my brain reacts to certain things.

There are times when I am with someone I have known forever but my brain is having a difficult time recognizing them.  I don't say anything because I know who it is, but somehow the facial features are wrong to my brain.  That doesn't happen often, but it does happen, so I understand how people with dementia no longer recognize their children.  (So far I still recognize the family!)

I remember writing a journal article about Dylan Dryer, who is one of the occasional hosts on The Today Show.  I see her all the time on TV yet I don't recognize her -- I still don't recognize her.  If she were to walk up to me in person, I would have no idea who she was, yet I recognize all of the other hosts on the show.  It's very strange.

I wonder how much longer it's going to be before this gets much worse.



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