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5 July 2022

We aren't in Santa Barbara this year to help Tom celebrate his 52nd birthday, so I thought I would reminisce about his BIRTHday.  This from my book, "How I Did It" :

Got to the hospital and was examined by a very nice young lady doctor, Dr. Rice, who said I was 3 cm dilated, effacing nicely, and could be prepped.  Got "the works," retired to the labor room and started contracting a bit closer.  About an hour later Dr. Rice came in to check me again and said I hadn't progressed very far.  She decided that since the bag of water was bulging, she'd break it, which she did.  Then, as with Ned, when they broke my water my contractions started getting "wild," as Dr. Nuddleman once described them.  I was pretty uncomfortable and thought I must be in transition because my hands were numb and I was trembling.

The nurse decided to check my progress and did a pelvic.  With the first contraction she said "Oh, that's much better" and with the second contraction  she said "the baby is coming now! and rushed out for a table to move me. 

Dr. Rice, who had figured I was good for another hour or two had gone downstairs and came rushing back yelling "It's not fair; you were supposed to wait for me!"  She and the nurses were telling me not to push and I was trying not to and complaining that it was easy for them to say, but not easy to do.  Finally I got those lovely words, "push" and Tommy's head was born.  Then he came out and the guy assisting said "It's a boy."  ...

When Walt called home to tell them about Tommy he said "would you believe three boys" and my father just about had a heart attack because he thought I had had triplets.

Our homecoming was considerably different than the quiet day we brought Paul home.  Jeri, Ned and Paul were, of course, here as were Grandma and Pa.  We drove up and the car w as mobbed with little kids.  I had to hand Tommy to Grandma so I could cope with Jeri and Ned in my lap and Paul trying to get into the back seat.  By the time I got out of the car, Tommy was in Pa's lap in the rocking chair surrounded by Jeri, Ned, Paul, Sean Matt, Patty, Hillary, Jody and Nancy.  Maybe others, but I lost count.  Everyone was oohing and aahing and it took about 5 minutes before we could fight our way into the house.

The kids have been really good about Tommy.  Jeri, surprisingly enough, is really excited.  I thought she would be disappointed at not having a sister, but she doesn't seem to be.  When Walt called from the hospital she ran all around the house yelling "Mommy had a boy!  His name is Tommy."  She also spread the word through the neighborhood. and when I got on the phone with her all she could ask was "How's Tommy?" and "when are you bringing him home?" 

When he's in the infant seat she sits next to it and just watches him, touches him and kisses him.  She's not too sure yet about holding him and seems more content to watch him from afar, cover him up and do little things for him.  This morning with Ned in SF and Paul asleep, I gave Tommy his firsts bath and let her shampoo his hair and put cream on him.  She was really proud of being able to help.

Ned is Ned.  He holds Tommy very well and wants to do so constantly, but is very loud around him and can't quite understand why he can't rest his elbow in Tommy's stomach when he's trying to climb all over me.  Mostly he's very sweet and tender when he's deliberately doing something for or to Tommy, but doesn't realize how rough he's been when he's not aware that Tommy is under his foot or elbow or fist.

Tommy seems a quiet baby and with a distinctive personality his own already.  He's nursing every 2 hours, but only for about 5 minutes at a time.  He sleeps most of the time.




Interesting to note that Tom (we almost never called him "Tommy") ended up nursing for about 4 years.


Sigh.  We miss them!


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