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4 July 2022

So what is typically American to have for the 4th of July. 

Ned brought in a bowl of apples he picked off of our apple tree a couple of days ago.  They were not quite ripe enough, so I stuck them in a bag for  two days and today cut them up to make a pie. 

I was so pleased.  I have been having such a terrible time making pie crust, which usesd to be one of the things I did best.  But in the last several years, for some reason I can't get it to roll out properly and it's always frustrating.

But today, it rolled out just fine and I was very pleased with how the pie turned out.  We had it ā la mode, which was even better.

I watch CBS Sunday Morning every Sunday.  I always remember the guy on Facebook, I think (or maybe it was Compuserve) who recommended the show to me and I've watched it ever since.  I think of him every Sunday, remembering how he committed suicide after his cancer diagnosis. 

BUT ANYWAY, the show has such a delightful arrangements of stories, from politics to entertainment and I often find things I've never heard of that interest me.

Today they interviewed Laurie Zaleski, who runs an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, where she has some 15 acres of land and over 600 animals she has rescued from abandonment, abuse, or other reasons.  It was an amazing story.

She's written a book, "Funny Farm: My Unexpected Life with 600 Rescue Animals," and after the show, I had to check it out on Amazon...and bought it.

I spent the entire day (other than the time I spent making the pie) reading the book and finished it shortly before dinner.  She's a wonderful writer and her book is not only about the animals, but about her own life and mostly a tribute to her mother, who left her abusive husband with their three children (5 and younger), with no money, no resources and no plan, but found a dilapidated house with no electricity and no working plumbing and moved in there.  She managed to fix up the house, get the kids educated, and rescue animals as well. 

The book has chapters that start with her personal story, and then end with stories of one or more of the animals she has saved, and then back to her personal story again.  It reads very easily and I was obviously captivated.

I learned a lot about some animals.  This is an excerpt from her book, about the mating of pigs.

Now doesn't that make you want to read the book?  LOL.

You can find out more about Funny Farm at this web site.


Laurie Zaleski


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