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28 January 2022

This would have been Paul's 53rd birthday.  I wonder what he would be like at 53.  He is permanently stuck at 30.

Ned played a song, Soda Crackers, on his radio show yesterday.  It was a Paul song that I had never heard before...and I didn't even realize it was Paul until midway through the song.

We usually go out for sushi on Paul's birthday, since he loved it so much.  But (a) we aren't really comfortable going to restaurants, and (b) I have a show to review at 7:30, so we have to eat early, so we will get sushi ordered and bring it home to have dinner around 5

I've watched the first episode of The Gilded Age and am not sure how I feel about it.  I love Christine Baranski (who is almost unrecognizable in this show, except for her voice) and was eager to see her, since every show she has been in is a hit.

This show is written by Julian Fellows, who wrote Downton Abbey, but it's no Downton Abbey.  I want to watch a couple more episodes before I make up my mind, but the plot of the "old" money New Yorkers looking down their noses at the "new" money New Yorkers could get pretty boring if that's all they are going to center on.  Also, the staff we have seen so far aren't nearly as entertaining and likeable as the staff of Downton Abbey.

The costumes are gorgeous, the sets beautiful and the food for the party that was supposed to be the high point of Episode 1 is amazing. 

The gay couple seemed stuck in there just to have a gay theme.

I'm not in love with this show, but maybe it will grow on me after a couple of episodes.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that many Homeschool families miss out on because they don’t have a regular classroom. This year a Homeschool Co-Op decided to do a Valentine Mystery Mail Project for the students. Kids love to get mail (even teenagers)!

We ask you to let relatives and friends of your children know about our project. You may forward this as a text, email or PM. They should send a card only (no food) to the following

To: Seth Helvey
c/o Mentone Homeschool Co-Op
511 S. Franklin St.
Mentone, IN 46539

Please make sure to include a return address. We are going to plot our mail on a map so that we can see where it all comes from. We are hoping to see letters from all over the
U.S. and beyond.





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