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27 January 2022

I woke up in the morning.  It was 8 a.m. and I watched the last hour of The Today Show, fixed myself some breakfast and thought about what I was going to write as a journal entry.

I finally came into my office, sat down, pressed the "on" button on my computer and nothing happened.  I tried again, still nothing.  I asked Walt to crawl around under my desk to make sure that there were no plugs that had come loose.  He did, he pressed the on button and nothing happened.

I was thinking I was going to have to call my computer guy and was upset that I had recently purchased an external hard drive to copy the entire "C" drive and hadn't done it yet, so was afraid I would lose everything on my C drive (fortunately the important stuff is already on an external drive).

Normally this would make me very upset.  I posted a note on Facebook that my computer wouldn't turn on and decided there wouldn't be an entry for the day (forgetting I had written the entry for the day yesterday and it had been posted).

It's amazing how I felt with no computer.  I couldn't write letters, I couldn't do a journal entry, I couldn't check information I wanted to look up (which books I read in 2021) and a bunch of other things that I check on the computer.  Fortunately I could get some information on my phone,  but it wasn't the same.

But I decided to just give up and enjoy the day off and worry about getting the computer to my fix-it guy tomorrow. 

I sat and watched a couple of episodes of The Good Doctor and then it was time for lunch and my daily nap.  While sleeping, I dreamed the computer started and the dream was so real that it woke me up and I started to get up and then realized that it had been a dream.

Ned had been in Sacramento and when he came in, I told him the computer wouldn't turn on.  He came in here, sat down, pressed the on button and it came on.  I don't have a clue what the problem was but I'm pleased to have the computer back again!  Char says Ned has a magic finger.

I have had a couple of bad sleep nights, even with the podcasts and I decided to try a weighted blanket.  I found this one amazon...

It's 15 lbs and I had enough in my Prime Awards account that it paid for the blanket, so no charges for me.

The blanket came yesterday and I could tell from the minute I got under it that it was going to be a big help with sleeping.  It's heavy enough that it doesn't slip down off my shoulders when I'm sleeping, and it's long enough that it also covers my feet.

It's too heavy to use in the afternoons, for example, when I'm napping, but I have a lighter blanket for that.

The only problem is that it's so heavy that I can't really fold it.  Ned says he'll get something just for the blanket and I can stuff it in there in the morning. 

I'm hoping that this is going to make a big difference in my sleeping.





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