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26 January 2022

My Compassion family is getting smaller.

A few years ago, I had 22 kids on my list, many of whom I sponsored financially.  When the pandemic shut down theaters and I was not going to have any income as a critic, I had to drop about half of the financially sponsored kids.  I kept the ones that were the most special, like Fred, there on the left.  He's one of the ones I have had the longest.  I started out just being the person who wrote to him, while someone else sponsored him, but when they stopped sponsoring him, I had built up such a relationship with Fred and his family that I took over his financial sponsorship.  We have been in a relationship for 13 years.  I have seen him grow from a little boy to a young man who will turn 19 this year.

Henrique is from Brasil and I have been sponsoring him financially since 2011.   He is 15 and will leave the Compassion program in 2024. 

His favorite school subject is geography and he likes to fly kites.  He is also learning how to use the computer.

Briana is also someone I have sponsored for a long time, since 2011.  She will be 20 on her next birthday.

She is one of two children I had from Haiti, but the other one just left the program and I have no way of knowing if his family has been affected by the recent earthquake and tornado.

Francia is one of my newest, and the youngest in the family.  She's only 9 and I've only been writing to her since 2009.  Her father must work far from the family because of the pandemic.  She is too young to write letters, but her sister writes great letters telling me about her.

Alone is 15 and I took him on to sponsor in 2016.  I couldn't stand to see a child with the name of "Alone."
Anyeliz is 11 and lives with her grandmother. I began writing to her in 2017.  She is in the 10th grade and says she is learning to read "better and faster."

Mercy is about to turn 18 and I have been sponsoring her since 2015.  The first picture I got of her she had the biggest smile I have ever seen on one of these kids, but I haven't seen a smile since then.  She writes great long letters, though, and says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

I have a few more on my list of family members, but not as many as I had before COVID came along and forced me to drop kids...and then several have left the program as well.  I've always been a little disappointed that nobody in my real family has ever had any interest in these kids.  I wish I had started Compassion earlier, when they were children too and could write to some of the kids who were their own age.



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