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25 January 2022

While I have been sleeping much better since I started eating pineapple every day, I still have the occasional night of insomnia.  Sunday night was one of those nights.  No matter what I did, I could not get to sleep until 6 a.m., when Sunday Morning (the show I watch each week) came on...and then I slept through the whole 2 hour show.

The next night, when it appeared that I was going to be awake again, I didn't want to watch TV, but I remembered that i had subscribed to some podcasts on my phone and I plugged in the headphones and turned on Willie Geist's interview of Goldie Hawn.  It put me right to sleep and I woke up a couple of hours later with him interviewing her daughter, Kate Hudson.

I have several podcasts that subscribe to, but it never occurs to me to listen to them.  I subscribed to the new Stephen Colbert podcast when it started a few weeks ago.  On Friday, for some reason, Colbert didn't show up on the screen for what was coming up.  Instead, in his slot it said "TBA" and so I didn't turn it on.  As it turned out, it was on and so I was able to call it up on the podcast and listen to his monologue (which is usually the only thing I listen to each night)

I've been checking Apple+ each week to see if there is a new Jon Stewart show and there never is, but by subscribing to his podcast, I discovered he has actually recorded many of them and I was able to start listening to them (don't have a clue why they aren't being broadcast on Apple+)

Someone told me that she listens to a show called Sleep with Me, which is a guy reading the news in a very boring voice so I decided to try that last night when I was going to sleep, but I found his voice very annoying so I decided to turn on Rachel Maddow's podcast instead.  Like the Colbert podcast, it is just the audio version of her TV show and I figured that the news being described would put me to sleep, since I was already sleepy.

But her opening story was about the theft of swords and daggers from the Truman library in 1957.  And instead of just telling the story, she obviously had photos that she could show and describe in great detail all the decorations and jewels on them.

...they were kind of ornate things. This is a 38-inch long presentation sword. The grips of it are gold, it`s got four different diamonds inlaid into it. The scabbard which is the holder thing it goes into is more gold and black leather, it started with even more diamonds, it`s got 15 diamonds.

(I couldn't find any color photos)

The more she talked, the more awake I became and by the time she finished the story, I was wide awake and no way was I going back to sleep.

So I turned on the podcast from Says You, the radio show we have listened to for twenty years or so.  We haven't listened to it in a year or more because of the new host and panelists.  I was pleased to see they were posting new shows, but the show that was on was hosted by Richard Sher, who started the show and who died in 2015.  But it was nice to hear the old show, with all the regular panelists and by the time that was over, it was time to feed Polly.

After Polly was fed, it was time for The Today Show so I turned on the TV and it put me to sleep just about instantly.  I slept through the entire Today Show, so I know I had at least two hours of sleep added to the 3 hours I got before I started listening to podcasts.

My nights are so weird.

I've ordered a weighted blanket, which is due to be delivered today.  I'm hoping that will help me sleep.





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