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24 January 2022

My heavens, how could I not celebrate this day.  I never realized that there was a special day just for peanut butter, though given the "national days" throughout the year, it shouldn't surprise me.

I love peanut butter.  We buy the large jars that we would buy if we had kids at home that I was fixing lunch for, and I snack on spoonfuls of peanut butter throughout the day.  Walt snacks too, but not as much as I do.  We go through one of the large jars in about a month.  And yes, occasionally we actually make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I prefer berry or apricot jam with my peanut butter).

It surprises me when there are questions on Sunday Stealing or Saturday 9 about peanut butter, how many people say they have not eaten any in years.

Walt's sister is also a big peanut butter fan and I often buy her peanut butter "stuff" if I happen upon it.  I bought powdered peanut butter once, a jar for her and a jar for me. I don't even know where my jar is now.  I never used it.  I suspect she didn't either.

Peanut butter is very versatile.  In addition to sandwiches with jelly, it's a good spread for toast in the morning (fewer calories than butter).  There are recipes that call for it in a sauce for noodles or coating meat with it.  I recently made a peanut butter pie (which I found mentioned in my latest Patricia Cornwell book), which is peanut butter, cream cheeses and Cool Whip, all mixed together and put in a crust made of crushed Oreo cookies.  It was delicious.

My favorite is creamy peanut butter and I like Skippy more than Jif, though Jif is apparently the favorite brand in the country, 42% to 23%

Historically there is a controversy over who made the first peanut butter, but the nod goes to Rose Davis, who made it in the 1840s.  (Of course if you read "Outlander" books, the real first person would be Claire Fraser, who was determined that her grandchildren not live without peanut butter, so grew her own peanuts and made peanut butter for them...that would be in the late 1700s)

Other historians say that a Canadian chemist named Gilmore Edson filed the first patent for his �peanut candy� in 1884.  Whoever was the first, thank you!

The first recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was written by Julia Davis Chandler for the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics in 1901.  I wonder if she is the daughter of Rose Davis.

Peanut Butter was officially introduced at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

If you want to celebrate peanut butter, see if you can eat peanut butter in every meal today. You could start with peanut butter on a bagel in the morning, perhaps a peanut butter based dressing for your lunchtime salad, and even a Thai peanut curry (which often uses peanut butter as an ingredient) for dinner!  I remember my mother making "salad" of pineapple slices topped with a dressing of peanut butter thinned with pineapple juice.

Even though peanut butter has a good amount of fat in it, it�s also a very filling food. Therefore, it keeps dieters fuller for longer, helping them resist the urge to mindlessly snack. Researchers at Harvard and Brigham and Women�s Hospital found in a study that people eating moderate-fat items, like peanut butter, were able to stay on a diet longer and keep weight off for a longer period of time than those who ate a low-fat diet. Is that good news or what?  I know that I often just have a spoonful (or two) of peanut butter in the middle of the day, if I can't think of anything else to fix for lunch.

Each time you eat a PB&J for lunch instead of red meat, like a burger or a ham sandwich, you�re shrinking your carbon footprint by almost 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. You�ll also save 133 gallons of water and 24 square feet of land per each peanut butter and jelly lunch. Going green never tasted so good!






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