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21 January 2022

Well, it's a good time to appreciate squirrels.  Squirrels have been such a big part of our lives for the last few years.

Sadly all of our friendly squirrels have probably died.  We have 2 or 3 squirrels in the yard now, but none of them is in the least interested in coming near the house.  If one happens to be on the patio and you open the door to toss out a peanut, he runs away and doesn't come back.

I miss the daily interactions with the squirrels, begging at the door

or climbing up the screen, if we didn't give him anything the door.

...and I loved it when I discovered how much they loved squash.  It was so fun for so many weeks watching them devour the squash I put out for them.

We watched several litters be born, grow, and eventually leave the birdhouse Ned put up when he first moved here.

Ned says he is going to build a new house and mount it somewhere that it's easier to see than this one is.  I don't know if they will use a new house.

I love having them in the yard, whether they become friendly again or not.  I know many people hate them for what they do to their gardens, but we don't have a garden...we have squirrels!






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