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17 January 2022

Stephen Colbert has a "questionert" that he asks various celebrities who are on the show.

It's 15 questions, so I've copied it and will use it for Sunday Stealing sometime in the future.  But I thought I would get ahead of things and answer the questions myself today.  I have to admit it's kind of fun listening to the celebrities give their answers to these questions:

1. The Best sandwich
My favorite sandwich is a nice Italian sub, but I can rarely get them as good as the ones I remember from my childhood.  If I have all the ingredients handy, my favorite sandwich to make from home is either roast beef or roast leg of lamb thin slices on white bread with nothing but mayonnaise.

2. Something you own that you really should throw out.
Most of what I have here in my office!  I tend to save many things that need to be thrown away.

3. The scariest animal
I never actually saw one but when I was in Australia someone told us that where we were standing one of the most poisonous lizards was in the bushes with us.  Apparently a bite from that lizard can kill you.

4. Apples or oranges

5. Have you ever tried to get an autograph from someone?
I used to usher for theater performances in San Francisco when I was in high school and usually went backstage to get autographs of the stars.  I also got Judy Garland's autograph when she was checking into the Fairmont Hotel in 1961. And my friend David Gerrold autographed all of his books for me.

6. What happens when you die?
I believe in life after death, but would love to know how it is.  I have heard of people who see their dead friends waiting for them before they die.  I am hoping to see David, Paul and Gilbert again.

7. Favorite Action movie
I'm not big on action movies but Indiana Jones was pretty good.

8. Window or Aisle?
Window!  I have a very cooperative bladder and can make it through most flights without needing the bathroom.

9. Favorite smell
Freshly brewed coffee, baking bread, puppy breath, newborn babies

10. Your most popular app on your phone.
These days, when I am trying to read more, it's the Kindle app.  Also the game Block Puzzle 100

11. Least favorite smell.

12. Cats or dogs?

13. If you can only listen to one song over and over for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

14. Flat or Sparkling?
Flat (and ice cold).

15. The rest of your life in 5 words.
Probably just about the same.





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