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17 January 2022

This is Paul and his cat Scab in 1999.

Paul's wife was a veterinary student at UC Davis when this kitten was brought in.  It had been set on fire by someone.  His ears were burned off, his  eye affected, his fur gone.  After he was treated, Paul and Audra adopted him.  "Scab" seemed the logical name for him.

Paul always told me how amazed he was that the cat could trust him, after what had been done to him by other humans.  But he and the cat were best friends.

After Paul died, Audra was up in  their bedrooom watching a video of Paul in performance when the cat ran upstairs and sat in front of the TV meowing and pawing at the screen.

I get tears whenever I think of that story.

I am having computer problems, having trouble getting onto the internet...it's my computer, Ned tells me, not the internet because everyone else in the house has no trouble. 

I don't know what I"m going to do.  I just hate the idea of getting a new computer because of the things I use on this one that won't work on a newer version (like this program that I design daily entries in, for example, which doesn't exist any more).

Ned has suggested that I have two computers and keep this one for doing stuff like journal entries, putting them on a disk and then transferring over to the new computer to upload, while I am learning the new Windows version I have to get.

I'm getting too old to learn computers!  I used to love learning everything and read computer manuals the way I read novels, but things have gotten so complicated  .... and my brain doesn't work right any more ... and I just hate the idea of having to learn a new computer.

So if you don't see an entry in the coming few days/weeks, know that's why and that I will get entries up as soon as possible.



(I love pictures of San Francisco)


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