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16 January 2022



Stolen from League of Extraordinary Pen Pals






1. Do you buy things when you want them or wait for sales?
I pretty much buy things when I want them.

2. Do you think time moves slowly or quickly?
Oh man, does it move quickly!  I'm not quite used to 2000 and here it is 2022.

3. How often do you spend time alone?
Pretty much most of the time.  I'm in my office, Walt is upstairs in his office, Ned is out in the garage and Marta is in her office.

4. What’s something that has changed in the last month?
Most of the Christmas decorations are gone.

5. What’s the best part of your job, profession?
Now that I am retiring as a critic, I don't have a job any more.

6. How many pens do you have?
Too many to count.  As I sit here at my desk, I have about 15

7. What are your healthiest habits?
eating pineapple!

8.. Do you have a favorite postage stamp?

I bought these recently on Etsy.  I don't use them much because they are only 32¢





9. Who did you talk to the most this week?
Probably my son Ned.

10. What’s on your bedside table?
Well, I don't sleep in a bed, but in a recliner.  On the table next to me is a fan, a bottle of water, a back scratcher, the container I put my glasses in, the remotes to the TV and DVR and the telephone.

11. How often do you try something new?

12. What are some of your grocery list staples?
bread, butter, pasta, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, tortillas

13. Do you have a favorite poet?
Claire Amy Atkins

14. What interesting fact do you know?
I just read this recently -- The acacia tree not only understands it's under attack when browsed by an antelope or giraffe, it quickly injects tannin into its leaves, making them taste bitter.

15. Do you fold laundry right away or do it later?
I put it off as long as possible.



(I love pictures of San Francisco)


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