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14 January 2022

Whenever I take tourists for a tour of San Francisco, we usually start at Twin Peaks, where you get a view of most of the city.  I point out various places of interest and always show them how to find the catholic cathedral.

It's very easy.  It looks like the agitator of a washing machine.

People who visit San Francisco and then write about it on Facebook or somewhere talk about what a beautiful building it is.

I hate it.

When I was working at Logos there was one book I checked which I actually wrote a note in.  It said that the cathedral was built on the space where a supermarket had been.  Wrong.  They tore down my wonderful high school to build this monstrosity.  I couldn't let the book have it wrong and I defiled the book by writing what was REALLY there when they built the cathedral.

The former cathedral was 2 blocks away and destroyed by fire in 1962.

so they built a new school that combined my high school and the boys high school and then tore down the building that my high school had been in.

It was such a beautiful building.  When you entered the front door, you walked into this beautiful wood panel foyer and to the right was a curving staircase that went up to the second floor.

The school part itself wasn't all that great, but there was a lovely chapel that I spent a lot of time in. 

Every time I look at the agitator cathedral, I picture them tearing down that beautiful wooden foyer and staircase and it makes me angry.

There are so many people who write on Facebook about how much they hated high school, but I loved this school and I loved my four years there. With the exception of sports, I was involved in everything, had several groups of friends, loved my teachers, and learned things about life and about myself that I still draw on today.  I was also old enough that the school itself became an escape for me from my father and the atmosphere he created at home.  I know my mother's feelings were hurt that I spent so much time at school, but it was never because of her, only because it was nice not to have to deal with my father while I was with the nuns.



inside the new cathedral


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