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13 January 2022

I never make New Year's resolutions, but I decided to make on this year, to read 50 books by the end of the year.

I didn't sleep well last night and didn't fall asleep until after I fed Polly at 5 and then slept until nearly 9.  As I was waking up, I was thinking about what needed to be done during the day and it was really nothing.  I had one pen pal letter that I wasn't going to answer for a couple of days and that's it.

Perfect day to work on my new year's resolution.

A pen pal mentioned that she had been reading "Matchless Gene Rayburn" by Adam Nedeff.  We have been watching old Match Game shows from the 70s while we eat dinner each night.  Nearly 50 year old shows, but they hold up today and we have fun coming up with the answers to the "fill in the blank" questions, and mostly enjoy the antics and interactions among the six celebrity panelists and moderator Gene Rayburn.  (Kind of depressing to realize that almost all of the celebrities are now dead!)

So I decided to get the book and start reading it.  I sat in the recliner literally all day and, except for my daily nap, didn't do anything but read the book.  I didn't even turn on the television and I didn't go into my office once.  I don't think I even checked email on my phone.

It is a fascinating story, of how Gene Rayburn became the #1 quiz show host in the country.  It's an amazing history of quiz shows over the decades.  I was a quiz show watcher for years in the 50s and 60s and watched many of the shows talked about in this book.  The author of the book has written several other books, all having to do with quiz shows and the history of quiz shows.  He desperately needed an editor.  The book is sloppy, stories are repeated, quotes are printed without any indication of when they were made (you can pretty much guess who made most of them).

But it held my attention.  I'm halfway through the book now and have finally reached the part about how Match Game came to be and how it became the #1 quiz show in the country.

I stopped reading when Ned served dinner and then went back to the recliner to watch The Amazing Race and Chicago Med before going back to the book again while waiting for Colbert to come on at 11:30.

Colbert's guest was Caitriona Balf, Claire from Outlander.  She has just finished the movie Belfast, which is getting rave reviews and which I am going to rent in the next couple of days.  She's a beautiful woman but she wore the weirdest dress I've ever seen.

I thought she was carrying a purse, but no, that yellow thing is attached to her dress and when she sits down, there is a slit in it showing her thigh.

I was so intrigued by her dress, I almost didn't pay attention to her interview!





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