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11 January 2022

We went to a show on Friday night and when it was over, a woman came up and introduced herself to me.  She said she loves reading my reviews.

Talk about bad timing!  I had been in a conversation with the director of the theater company letting him know that I have decided to stop being a critic.

I actually sent a note to the entertainment editor of the paper letting him know that I am not quitting but that he should start looking for a new critic because as soon as he finds one, I will quit.

At the end of last year, I decided that I was no longer going to review shows in Sacramento because I just didn't like going to Sacramento at night after dinner any more.  I knew when I saw that Wicked would be one of the shows I would miss and I wasn't unhappy about that, that I had made the right decision. 

But my decision to stop reviewing entirely was made at the show we saw on Thursday night.  We could not have had better conditions.  We were in the 3rd row, with nobody in front of us.  The cast was wonderful, there wasn't a weak actor in the group and they were miked so the sound filled the theater.  I had my hearing aids in and turned up as high as they could go...and I missed at least half of what they were saying, if not more.

My hearing is deteriorating significantly and I guess I need to see a professional about whether there are better hearing aids for me (though in all the lists I've seen my "Eargo" hearing aids are generally rated #2 in all the hearing aids).

Once I saw that when I stop reviewing I will miss The Music Man, my favorite musical, and I was only slightly disappointed, I realized that after all these years, I am tired of theater.  (Of course we could buy tickets!) Those weeks where we had 3 shows to see in a weekend did me in.  There were years when I was pleased that we saw some 50 or more shows a year, but I'm just tired of it.  I've been reviewing for over 20 years.  Plus, while it's easy to review musicals that I know well, my brain is having more difficulty with straight plays and I have a difficult time writing reviews of them now.

So after 20+ years, I will stop seeing theater on a regular basis.  I've been considering this for about five years, but there was always a show coming up that I wanted to review, but now there isn't, so the time is right.

Selfie taken by one of the actors
during opening night of "The Producers."

Walt's sister was here for dinner last night.  She is a big peanut butter fan and I saw a recipe for peanut butter pie, which was delicious:

Make crust
Blend 25 chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs with 4 oz of melted butter and line a pie pan.  Bake 5-7 minutes at 350.

For the filling:
blend 1 cup of peanut butter with 8 oz of cream cheese
Add 1-1/4 cup powdered sugar
When mixed, beat in 8 oz of Cool whip.

Refrigerate 2 hours until firm.





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