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4 January 2022

Jeri, who spent the night with a friend, stopped by in the morning yesterday, but left to go and spend the afternoon and night with their friend Greg.  She is going to be Ned's guest on his show next week, so she returned this morning for an hour or so with Ned and Clyde.

When the interview was over we had lunch and then drove over to Woodland to see my mother.  Sadly, this was not one of her better days.  Sandy had sent me photos of her recently and I had hoped this would be a good sign for a visit with Jeri.

But apparently she had vomited last night and was not feeling well.  She was quite out of it most of the brief time we were there

There wasn't much point in staying for long since she didn't seem to understand that we were even there, so we came on home.

We decided we would do our annual "family movie night" and go see the new West Side Story in the theater.  We usually go to the movie once when Jeri is here, but since she was not here in 2020, we didn't see a single movie in 2020.  The last movie we saw was Knives Out with Jeri in 2019.  But we all wanted to see the new West Side Story on the big screen so the 3 of us plus about 10 other people went to the theater to see it.  Jeri bought us the "good" kind of masks (which were great for masking, but terribly uncomfortable)

Excellent movie, much more "real" than the original.  Choreography was fabulous and there were some great overhead shots of  two groups approaching each other where the shadows were amazing.  I'm betting Rita Moreno will be nominated for an Oscar.

We got home around 6 and Ned was just taking dinner out of the oven, so we had a nice dinner together and then Jeri watched Jeopardy with us.  She is spending the night and will head back to the bay area tomorrow for her flight back to her house in Boston.



w Y

Jeri and Walt sitting in the theater before the movieear!


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