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28 February 2022

The family had no possibility of getting together for Christmas, though we had planned to, but COVID and other problems erupted, so we all had unwrapped Christmas gifts to open.  I sent mine to Santa Barbara with Walt's sister when she was here.  She brought gifts for us.  But nobody opened their gifts until we could be together.  So on Walt's birthday, Saturday, we had a family Christmas ZOOM. 

Ned spent half an hour or so trying to make sure the four of us could watch the ZOOM on the TV set and not have to be on our own computers elsewhere in the house.  We are so lucky that he is so technologically adept.

Tom and the girls, along with Walt's sister and her husband, were in Costa Mesa because Brianna was in a soccer tournament, so we had our ZOOM in the morning before her games. Jeri and Phil were in Boston, Walt's brother and his wife were in Petaluma.  Ned made Walt a breakfast, which he served to us while we were ZOOMing.  Laurel was home with her father, who had just returned from a convalescent hospital after his stroke, but she had someone to care for him so she could join the soccer people and joined the ZOOM on her phone while she was driving, so voice but no picture.

We started out with a white elephant exchange, which was so horrendously complicated that it took us two hours.  Note for the future:  never again a white elephant exchange by ZOOM unless the rules are significantly more simple!  But it was fun and this towel was the most popular gift of the morning.

When it came time to unwrap all of our gifts, I was happy with my Bernie Sanders ornament and happy that Lacie liked her personalized 49er blanket.

We had a quiet afternoon, once the ZOOM was finished, and watched the squirrel adding more leaves to her nest.  Ned did a sous vide roast for Walt for dinner and I made his favorite, a lemon meringue pie.

I fell asleep around 10 p.m., woke up briefly at midnight, went back to sleep and slept until 5, so it was a good night of sleep for me.  A good Christmas, if 2 months late!


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