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25 February 2022

Ned is in the process of making a slide show about my mother and has been going through lots and lots of photo albums.  Yesterday, I took one of the albums from 1966 and started looking through it.  I'd forgotten so many of the photos and I scanned several.  I need to start going through more photo albums.

During my pregnancy with Jeri, my father and I compared bellies (mine got quite a bit bigger; his didn't)

This was Jeri's first night home from the hospital.

This was part of a letter from Sister Anne, for whom Jeri is named, talking about her feelings of my being a new mother.

Sure wish I could talk to her about the kind of adult Jeri has grown up to be.

This is our Pinata group in 1967.  All five of us gave birth in 1967 and our group of kids expanded from 5 kids to 10 kids.  I was pregnant at this party in 1967 but we never doubled the number of kids again!

(that's Jeri in red, on the floor)

I've had such fun going through just that one album.  It will be fun digging out a few more to check them out. 


In Ireland.  Ned Buggy (center) gave us all
tumblers of Irish whiskey.  1988
David, who was 17, was very pleased!


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