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Well THAT Didn't Work!

24 February 2022

Unlike most days, we actually had plans for Wednesday.  I had an appointment with Miracle Ear to see about getting better hearing aids.  We also had not yet picked up my mother's things from Eldervilla, so since Miracle Ear is in Woodland, I figured we could stop by there after my meeting with the hearing aid people was over.  And finally, I had checks to be deposited, mostly a check to cover the >$1,000 cost of my mother's obituary.

Walt was going to come with me for the hearing exam because he is the one in the house I can never hear, but Ned decided to come along too.  He's such a loud person, I have no difficulty hearing him, but I'm always glad when he comes to appointments like this because he asks the questions I should be asking and don't think to ask.

The woman who was going to deal with me was very nice and in the first five minutes told me more about hearing loss than the person I saw at Kaiser many years ago ever told me in a half hour appointment.

She started by looking in my ears.

They have a screen that magnifies what the camera is seeing 10 times, so you can understand what is going on with your ear.  She first checked the right ear, which was just fine.  Some little bits of wax, but not much.

But then she checked the left ear and it was packed with wax.

This actually doesn't surprise me since I am aware that the hearing in my two ears is different, and that the hearing loss is more pronounced in the left ear. 

Turns out that California won't allow anybody without a medical degree to remove ear wax so there was nothing she could do but tell me to see my doctor to get the wax removed.  She also suggested adding oil to the ear to help loosen the wax so removal won't be painful.  And there was nothing else she could do, since she couldn't check anything until the wax was out of my ear, so we took her business card and left.

So off we went to Eldervilla to pick up my mother's things and say good bye to Sandy.  I was surprised at how emotional I was when we turned onto the street where Eldervilla is.  I didn't cry, but I did feel tears welling up somewhere inside me.  I decided I wasn't going to go into the house, but would wait in the car.

Turns out that neither Sandy nor his assistant, Mala, were there.  Mala was at the store and Sandy was off at a meeting somewhere.  We waited around for Mala to return and got the box of things belonging to my mother.  Mala called Sandy so I could talk with him.  I thanked him profoundly for all he did for my mother and he said she was like his own mother.  And then we were off.

They only have two patients at Eldervilla right now, we learned, but they have beds for five, so if anybody in the Davis / Woodland area is looking for a place for someone for whom you are a caregiver, I strongly recommend Eldervilla.  It was the very best place my mother could have been and I suspect that if she had stayed at the memory care place where she was before, she would not have lived to 102.

We were going to go and deposit checks so I can pay my bills (since I now have money from my mother's account for her obituary), but Ned was going to go to the store later and said he would deposit the checks for me, so we just came home.

So we left the house with three things to do and returned having done none of them!


Dinner in London, 1988


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