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21 February 2022

There is one problem having a birthday the same week that your mother dies.  I am getting lots of cards, some of them are birthday cards and some of them are sympathy cards!  It's weird when you get two cards from the same person, one a happy birthday and one a sympathy card.  It's very strange to open the mail this week!

So it looks like the squirrels are back!  First we had Dexter, a couple of years ago and then we had Dexter and some of her babies, but then Dexter disappeared and we had the new ones, who never got names. These guys were the most aggressive about begging and were always at the door, demanding peanuts.  Then we didn't seem to have any squirrels for awhile and when they started showing up again, they didn't have a clue that we were friendly.

We have been watching them running around the yard, but never close to the patio, and if they do come near the patio and you try to throw a peanut at them, they race away and you don't see them again (and either the birds or Polly get the peanut).

Ned has been working on taming them and he has one that won't come near him, but at least won't run away when Ned is outside.  And now they are investigating the new squirrel house.  Ned goes out and puts some food in it at night and by 8 a.m. there are two squirrels fighting over who gets to go inside.

And they are starting to feel more comfortable about the patio again.  I actually had one come up  to the door and peek in, but then ran away when I went to get a peanut, but s/he didn't run all the way away, and when I tossed out a peanut and went back inside, s/he came back and got the peanut.

Then Marta was cutting up squash for dinner on Sunday and took the "garbage" squash pieces out to the patio and they discovered that pretty quickly.

So it seems that we are starting another chapter of squirrel adventures.  This one, if it goes the way we hope, should be even more interesting, with the camera inside the squirrel house, if they decide to build a nest there to have the next crop of babies.

I love the camera in the squirrel house because it will let you take photos and videos.  I can use the photos here, but can only post videos to Facebook.  Nothing much is going on yet, as they are exploring the house, but if they start building a nest, and if they have babies, the pictures and videos should be much more fun.  It's such fun to have Ned wake me up, in the recliner, at 8 a.m. in the morning when there is activity around and in the house.

Now that the squirrels that have been running around the yard are takking food from us, in the house and on the patio, we have four squirrels instead of two

I took this through the screen, so it's not clear, but you can see 3 of the 4 squirrels, each having something to eat.  I just love sitting here and watching them, eating, chasing each other around the yard, running up the tree next to my door. I sure hope they nest in the squirrel house.




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