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16 February 2022

This is entry #8000 of Funny the World!!

Well for only >$1,000 my mother has her obituary in the San Rafael Independent Journal.  It is visible here


and they tell me it will be on line for at least a month.  For some reason my program won't let me link it on the word "here."

Yesterday on Ned's show he did a couple of memorial pieces for my mother, talked about her, and about Sandy at Eldervilla.  The whole show isn't about her, but it was a good show and got me crying twice -- he even played a piece for me.  He's working on a slide show for her too, which we'll show when she is buried with her husband, at some point when Jeri can be here.

So I finally did it.

I made an appointment for a hearing test and checking hearing aids.

The Eargo hearing aids that I bought several years ago worked well when I got them.  But I notice that their ads are that they are for Mild to Moderate hearing loss and the older I get, the more loss I have.

When we got our "dish" set up, I had to have the volume at 30 to hear well.  Slowly it crept up to 40 and now it's at 50 and really should be 60 but that would blast everyone out of the house (so I use head phones).  I also have closed captioning on all the time.

I have almost no trouble hearing Ned because he's a loud person, but I can almost never hear Walt because he speaks softly naturally and if you ask him to speak louder, it's still too soft for me and he ultimately has to scream at me.  This is not a good way to have a conversation!  Jeri also speaks very softly, but she's no problem on the phone and when she is here the Eargo seems to work for her.

I never thought that 30 years of being a transcriptionist, with earphones in my ears every day, plus going to Lawsuit concerts where sometimes we had ear plugs, but many times did not, would ruin my hearing.

Why does Ned, the drummer have no problem???  Or Jeri, playing all those instruments on stage, and now in the orchestra pit of shows she plays.

Maybe when they get to be my age they will start having problems.

Loss of hearing is lonely.  Sometimes I think of something to talk with Walt about and I just don't because I know it will be a difficult conversation.  I haven't been with groups of people in a long time, so I don't know how I would be at a social gathering any more.

But maybe if I get new hearing aids, that are chosen specifically for my kind of hearing, it will be easier. 

I had my hearing tested by Kaiser many years ago and they said I had some hearing loss and maybe I should consider getting hearing aids, but Kaiser did not (at that time -- I don't know about now) have a shop that sold hearing aids and the woman who examined me had no suggestion for what I should look for, which is why I ended up buying the Eargo, because Char had seen a guy give a talk about them and they sounded good.

The Miracle Ear web site says they will do a complete health history, an ear canal inspection, a hearing threshold test, and a speech discrimination test.  The woman I talked to said to have someone from the family be with me for the speech discrimination.  Ned usually goes to medical appointments with me, but I want the person to be Walt because he's the one I can't understand.

So we'll see where this goes.  My hearing has declined so much in the past year, I'm wondering if I am going to end up being deaf.


Our valentine dinner


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This is entry #8000