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10 February 2022

I saw an ad for a new show today...new to me, at least.  It's Next Level Chef, hosted by Gordon Ramsey and I decided to record it.  Then I found out that what is on tonight is episode 5, so I went to On Demand to watch episode 1 to find out what it is all about.  There are three chef mentors.  In addition to Ramsey, there is Nyesha Arrington, whom I've never heard of, and Richard Blais.  Seeing Blais, who owns several restaurants, reminded me of how I'd seen him on Top Chef in the past.  He was runner-up in the 4th season of the show and several seasons later, he won Top Chef: All Stars.

It made me think of how many years I have been watching food/cooking shows.

I first started watching cooking shows when Emeril Lagasse was the Big Name.  I started watching him because I'd never seen a whole hour devoted to cooking and I was intrigued. Now he's doing commercial shows on cable and the Food Network has gradually started adding shows to now where it's a major network.

Thinking about Giada DeLorentis makes me realize how long I've been watching these shows.  When I first discovered her show, she was single. I remember when she married.  I remember when she was pregnant.  I remember when she divorced.  I remember when daughter Jade was a baby.  I believe Jade is now about 13.  This picture was taken in 2019.

Through it all, I have watched Giada making Italian food, touring Italy and hosting parties for Jade's friends.


I found Ree Drummonds's blog page, The Pioneer Woman, and read it for several years and was so excited when she was going to make a TV program out of it.  The program was such a success it became a series.  In the beginning her kids were all very small.  I've watched them grow up and go off to college and recently watched the marriage of her oldest daughter, who now helps film the show.

I remember when Jeff Mauro, the Sandwich King, was winner of  the 7th season of the Network Star competition.  Now he has his own show, The Sandwich King and is one of the hosts of The Kitchen, which I watch every Saturday.
I remember when Guy Fieri was a contestant on Top Chef.  He won the second season of Next Food Network Star.  You always noticed him because of his hair. Suddenly he had a show of his own.  Now he seems to run the Food Network and owns three restaurants.  I remember when he took his son on a tour of Italy.  He's not one of the chefs that I watch, though he seems to have about 10 shows of his own.  In 2021, he signed a 3-year contract with Food Network for $80 million.

I remember when Carla Hall was a contestant on Top Chef.  She didn't win, but she had a different hair do every week and was one of the contestants that you wanted to watch because she was so unique.  Now she shows up as the judge on Best Baker in America and Worst Cooks in America.
I remember watching Paula Deen for several years.  I loved her recipes because they all had butter and/or cream in them!

I remember when she had  to be fired when someone complained that she used the "N" word in her restaurant (which she admitted).  She still runs her restaurant in Georgia and her sons have been hosts on the Food Network.

I remember when Duff Goldman was just the owner of a bakery that made fabulous cakes and appeared from time to time.  As a former cake decorator, I loved watching him work.  Then I started seeing him hosting and judging kids' competitions with Valerie Bertinelli (who also has her own show now) and having decorating contests with Buddy Valastro. He's so incredible with the kids. I watch the shows primarily to see his interaction with them.  I remember when he got married and now he's a new dad.

The Food Network has been such a  big part of my life for so many years and watching it has made me a better cook, in addition to introducing me to several cool kitchen implements which I have purchased!  I particularly like the kids contests, now in its 10th season, with cooks 8-12 years old.  I have learned so much watching those kids cook, amazed at how much they know.

All of these cooks are a part of my TV family.



Duff makes an elephant cake,
covered with edible gold leaf


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