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9 February 2022

I remember how amazed I was when Walt's mother took the Orient Express after it re-opened.  She was in the second train to travel and was going through parts of China where they had never seen Caucasians before, washing her underwear in cold water in hotels, etc.  I was so impressed that she did all this at 72.

At that time I was working in an ob/gyn office and we had an old woman who came in every couple of weeks to have her pessary reinserted.  She was thin and stooped and was definitely old.  When I checked her age, she was 71, a year younger than my world-traveling mother-in-law.

Alice traveled around the world (all those pins are places where she traveled except the one white pin in the lower left, which is my trip to Perth). She usually went with a friend, or sometimes with Walt's sister.  But she wanted to see it all.

She told her kids, early in her travels, that there would be little money left for them after she died because she wanted to see the world and would use her life savings for that purpose.  Nobody had any complaints about that and we were all pleased to hear her tales of travel when she returned home, but my favorite tale was her story about traveling on the Orient Express.

Somehow her traveling so far at age 72 doesn't seem all that strange any more.  I was 72 in 2015.  We had been on five cruises by then and 2015 was the year that we took our Odyssey up the Mediterranean (our last cruise).  Thinking back on that trip, it doesn't seem that age did much to hinder my enjoyment.

There was only really bad day, when we arrived in Venice and we had to walk a very long way from the ship; to where we picked up the boat that took us to where we were going to explore.  I didn't have my walker, so was using my cane, which always makes my back ache.  After we spent a day wandering around Venice we had to walk that whole long way back to the ship again and I was in tears because I was in such pain.

We complained to the ship and when we left the next day, they had shuttles for us so we didn't have to walk.

When I was growing up, I knew I would never be able to go to a foreign country.  It was the thing that rich people did.  But we went to Canada on our honeymoon and one year when we were in San Diego, we went to Tijuana, which was a big thing for me...another foreign country.

But then my father died and Jeri graduated from college.  He and I had a bad relationship toward the end of his life and I didn't want any of his savings, so after giving half of his savings to the kids,  we took the rest of his life savings and took all seven of us to England so Jeri could see Phantom of the Opera in the theater for which it had been written (she was a theater major).  We spent a week in London, a week in Ireland, and another week in London and we discovered that if we were careful with our money -- and didn't take the kids with is -- we could see some of the world.

We went to England and Ireland several times and Walt's mother was frustrated with us that we hadn't gone to any non-English speaking country, so when Char suggested we go with them on a cruise in Russia, we said yes...and the rest is history.  Walt said last night that his mother would have been proud of us.  We didn't go to Russia until after she died. 

But since then we have been on four cruises and have seen a lot of countries from Estonia to Beijing. I've been to Paris twice and we have been to so many quaint old cities with cobbled streets in Germany that I never want to go back!

Oddly enough, with all the guests we have had from Brasil and Chile, we have never been to a South American country and we never made it to any country in Africa, though I've wanted to go for many years. 

Now my body won't handle the kind of travel that we have done.  I know Walt still has a wanderlust but I just don't see me doing any of the things we have done on our cruises, other than sitting on the ship. It would be a waste of money (for me).  I keep telling him he should go on a trip by himself, but I don't see him doing it.

For me, I'm thrilled that I have seen so much of the world.  It's fun to watch TV and be able to say -- "Hey!  I was there!"



Today is national chocolate day


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