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7 February 2022

February 4th was Thank a Mailman day. 

I found a "thank you" card on line to print and attached it to the mailbox with a bag of Hershey's kisses.

The carrier asked Walt how I knew he was a chocoholic.  (I just figured almost everyone was!)

I am very grateful that the mail carriers in Davis pick up outgoing mail.  There are almost no mailboxes in town so it's great to just leave the mail outside in the mailbox and have the carrier take it for me. 

Mail used to be better in this town.  When we were having foreign students living with us, they would return home and often send a thank you mail.  I got one addressed to "Mrs. Beverly, Davis, CA."  Our mailman, who delivered it to me, said I got more foreign mail than anyone, so he knew that it was for me.  When I went into the post office, one of the clerks (who used to be our mail carrier) always greeted me by name.

Sometime later, the powers that be changed how mail was sorted.  Instead of incoming Davis mail being sorted in the Davis post office, it was now sorted in the Sacramento post office.

There is a CVS about 3-4 blocks from us in a strip mall.  I was sending a message to the manager and addressed it to "CVS/Covell Blvd & Sycamore" and the mail was returned to me as a bad address because there are two CVSs in town.  They needed the street address of a store in a shopping mall because in Sacramento they had no idea that the intersection of the two streets was actually a strip mall.

In keeping with the "Month of Letters," I mailed 2 penpal letters today.  I was pleased with how I decorated the envelopes.  I also sent a birthday postcard to a woman who is about to turn 103.  Her daughter put a note on the League of Extraordinary Penpals asking if people would send her birthday greetings. 

I'm not receiving a lot of incoming mail these days -- it seems that a lot of people aren't, since the holidays. 

I did get a letter from one of my Compassion kids, this one from Uganda.  He's one of the best correspondents of all of the kids that I sponsor.  He actually tells me about his life and what is going on in his country.

Here in Uganda we have not yet faced prolonged drought though rain messed up for some few days but as of now we are experiencing some little rain. 

I always celebrate my birthday on the 18th of April every year and I always buy some cake balloons and some drinks to celebrate my birthday.  I am aware of ZOOM and I am always using it while having some on line lessons.

Not all of the Compassion kids write information like this.  Most thank me for my letter, tell me they and their family are healthy, and tell me they are praying for me and that's about all.  I love it when I have someone like this who will write an actual letter (and in English too....no need for translation).






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