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3 February 2022

According to her web site this is Park Hyun Joo, a Korean movie director and screen writer, with a lengthy list of things she has done.

Walt found her on the internet the other day. 

I looked her up on Facebook and found she had an account and tried to become one of her friends, but her last interaction on Facebook was 2 years ago, and I doubt if she will see my note.  I would like to find out how to write to her.


Before Walt and I were married, I sponsored my very first child, through Foster Parents Plan.  It was a little Korean girl named Park Hyun Joo.  I don't know if this is the girl I sponsored, but the age is right (she's 62) and I would just like to find out if it is indeed my former sponsored child.

I sponsored her for 2-3 years, I think.  In those days, you could send things to your sponsored child and I sent her many things, but the thing I remember most is a big white teddy bear.  Somewhere in all my scrapbooks, I have a picture of her holding that teddy bear.

When it was her birthday one year, I had a party for her, inviting all of my relatives (who were quite confused about why they were celebrating).  I made a fruit cake, which I knew would not go stale if I mailed it.  I was working at the Physics Department at the time and we had a Korean student there who wrote "Happy birthday" for me in Korean, which I put on the cake before I sent it.

Thinking more realistically today, I'm pretty sure she never got the cake, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

She left the program when her father got a job, I seem to recall.  I don't  remember if I sponsored another child through Foster Parents Plan.  I know I had a couple from Christian Children's Fund, but I don't remember them and I don't believe I sponsored them for as long as I did Park Hyun Joo.  It was many years before I discovered Compassion.

I don't know if this is my child, but it would be fun if it were. 

I added the Month of Letters logo on this journal for the month of February.  The rules are that you have to send something through the mail every day for the month.  I figured that was a pretty easy thing for me to agree to, since I pretty much send something every day anyway.

I'm keeping a list of what I send and what I receive.  I haven't exactly sent a lot in the first two days, but have sent 3 post cards, one pen pal letter, and a letter to one of the Compassion kids.  I have received no personal mail the first two days of the month.

I'm also trying to organize one of my folders on my computer.  When I write to the Compassion kids, I send the letters via e-mail and each letter has 2 pages of photos that to along with it.

When I write the letters, I save each page of photos on my hard drive so I can make a word perfect file for each letter.  That way, when I write to the child again, I can see what I wrote last time and what photos I sent.

But I get backed up.

There are 8 kids to whom I have sent letters, whose photos I saved, but I didn't move them to WordPerfect with the text of the letter (Compassion sends me a copy of the text that I sent). 

So I have been going through all of my Compassion folders for 16 kids, making a folder to save all of the 2021 letters I wrote, and check to see if I have the most current letter saved.  It's a tedious task, but I will be much more organized when I finish.

I also finally copied my whole C drive onto an external hard drive.  With the computer behaving so oddly, I don't want to risk losing everything on my C drive (which includes every journal entry I've written!)


w O


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