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2 February 2022

Sandy sent me a picture of my mother's new haircut, which looks better than her hair has in months.  I hope her former hairdresser, who follows my Facebook page, sees it.  She looks almost like she did years ago.

COVID and its "children" are spreading so fast in Yolo County that the county and state have said no visitors, so we won't be seeing her for awhile.

It's a very windy day today.  I wasn't really aware of how windy it was until the power went out as I was writing this entry.

Ned was out at his friend Jon's so wasn't here to set up the generator.  I settled into my recliner (which wouldn't recline, of course), and picked up the real book I was reading...the Patricia Cornwell book that GoodReads sent to me. 

I realized that the power went off just about the time for my nap, so I settled in and managed to go to sleep, without Criminal Minds to lull me to sleep.

When I woke up, there was Jon working with cords.

He and Ned got cords going all over the place.

And in no time at all, I had TV again.

The generator kept the TV on for about an hour, at which time the electricity came back on again, and Ned undid all the cords he and Jon had so carefully put together for the generator.

When I came in here to turn on the computer, it wouldn't turn on again.  I waited until Ned came in to ask him to try his magic finger....and he managed to get it on, but says "there is a problem."  Oh dear...


w O


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