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1 February 2022

My goodness it's February already!

February has always been birthday month in the family.  We start with Paul, who wasn't February, but his January 28 birthday was close to it.  Then comes David, February 4, Walt's sister--February 11, me--February 17 and Walt--February 26.  I believe his father was also February 7, but he died before I met Walt, so I never knew him.

There were years where we had one big family celebration for all the birthdays, but obviously since Paul and David aren't here, we don't do that any more.

Paul and David

This year we're going to have a ZOOM "party" on Walt's birthday so we can all finally open the Christmas gifts that we didn't open at Christmas.

I'm doing well with my pledge to read 50 books in 2022.  "West with Giraffes" was the fourth book I've read in January and I am close to finishing my 5th, though I won't get it finished until the first couple of days in February.

I am also reading the biography of Raymond Burr, which is a pretty amazing story.  Amazing at how kind of boring it is.  Boring because he did so much in his early acting years that I'd never heard of.  Made dozens of film noir movies that I've never heard, of starring movie stars I've never heard of.

Not only that, but the author of the book tells the story of each movie in great detail, even if Burr only had a small role in it, as he did in most of his early movies.  Perhaps the biggest role he had was in Rear Window, which I know well.  He has no lines and is only seen from his apartment window throughout the movie, until the end, but the author of the book gives the entire plot of the movie, including what all the other people in other apartments are doing.

The reason why I decided to read this book is because I was a big Perry Mason and Ironsides fan and when Burr died, I was surprised to read that he was gay and lived with a partner for more than 30 years.  Recently I read that he had written his biography several times, talking about his two marriages and the loss of his wives and his son, none of which he had.  He also talked about his military service and the purple heart he won, but he was never in the military. 

So I was curious about how this all came about and how he eventually got the role of Perry Mason, since his weight, a life-long problem (at one point he weighed 380) prevented him from being cast in a lot of movies.  When they realized his size would work well as a bad guy in a film noir movie, then he started getting roles.

Anyway, I'm not that far into the book and am trying to finish my Patricia Cornwell book as well, so I'm working hard on getting to 50 books.


Boston !



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