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24 August 2022

I am not an arty person.  It's like music.  I am not a musical person either, but the gene, prominent in my family seems to have skipped over me.  I can't play anything and lately can't even sing, but all of our children are musical and all have my father's ability to play by ear. 

I come from a line of artists.  My parents were introduced by my aunt, who was doing portraits at the fair on Treasure Island.  She's the only one in the family who was a professional artist, but many of my relatives could draw beautifully.  I do stick figures.

Jeri and Ned are especially good artists (I actually have never seen anything Tom has drawn, so don't know if he is good or not).  When I was decorating cakes I would have an idea for what I wanted to draw on the cake, but couldn't produce it, so Jeri would draw it for me and I could copy it.

Ned draws unique cartoons.  You can always tell when Ned has drawn something because he has this style that is unmistakable, if you know what his work looks like.

But me? I can't draw anything.  I think the only thing I remember ever drawing was a picture of David when he was a toddler and taking a nap.  I just had this need to draw him and the result wasn't bad.  It wasn't particularly good, but for me it was surprisingly good.

So I don't get involved in activities that involve any sort of art work.  I am not sure exactly what Artist Trading Cards are exactly, but have never tried to make one, though the idea sounds like fun.

Where my creativity comes in is creating these Funny the World journal pages.  I started out in high school as the yearbook editor and though I look back on the pages I designed then and kind of cringe, I do enjoy putting together a journal page and thinking of ideas for how to make a not very interesting story look more interesting.

The other arty thing I like to do is junk journals, books where you just put stuff, whatever appeals to you.  I've made several journals to send to partners on Swap Bot and I am usually embarrassed to get back books from others, who are much more creative than I am, but I enjoy it, so I keep doing it.

Yesterday I started doing a FTW page and then got an idea for a couple of pages on the junk journal I've started and I ended up spending pretty much the entire day going from junk journal to Funny the World and back again.

I totally lost track of time and when I heard Ned working in the kitchen, assumed it was going to be time for dinner and was surprised to find it was only 3 p.m., which gave me more time to work on the two projects I was so involved in.

It must have been an exhausting day because I slept more than 8 hours last night.  And I'm ready to work on the junk journal again (finished what I was doing for Funny the World).



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