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22 August 2022

Back to Normal.

Saturday was the scheduled performance of Alt-Right Frog at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  Ned, KC and others had written the musical a few years ago, which takes about 20 minutes to perform but it had never been performed and they thought it would be perfect for International Pop Overthrow.

Also, KC is in two other bands that were going to be performing at IPO, one of which was the "grande finale" band.

Ned started preparing for this show months before, when he worked on building the frog costume.  Jeri tried to decide if she was going to come out or not.  She had helped write some of the music and would really like to play in the band, but was very busy grading papers and other school work.  But she finally decided she really wanted to be here, making it a whirlwind weekend -- flying in Thursday, here on Friday, San Francisco on Saturday and flying home on Sunday.

Ned also made plans to record his radio show at KC's recording studio.  KC would be his guest and they would talk about the performance.

So Friday was Jeri's day for "family time."  Walt and I went with her to lunch and then we had to be home by 3 because Marta and Jeri were going to choose their costumes for the show.

About 5 minutes after Jeri went upstairs to work with Marta, the text message came from KC:  he had tested positive for COVID.

So they had to cancel the show (and KC's other 2 bands had to cancel their performances), and Ned had to re-do his radio show and Jeri had another day to stay with us.  My heart hurt so much for Ned and KC because they had worked so hard on this show.  But they are looking ahead to next year's IPO and hoping they can do it then.

So we had a second "family day" with Jeri, which we hadn't expected.  She got a lot of her paper grading done, I got a nap and then she and I went to Starbucks for "girl talk."  It's fine to visit with Walt and with Ned but sometimes you just need girl talk and we both look forward to it when she is here.

We got home in time for Jeri, Ned and Marta to go off to a birthday party and then she was here for a second night, which Bubba very much enjoyed, since he has been sleeping with her in a bed rather than with me in a chair.

This morning was goodbye to Bubba and to us and off to the San Francisco airport.

We don't know when we will see her next, since she has one more trip to California, but to Santa Barbara for Lacie's birthday party.  She and Phil will spend this Christmas in Oregon, with Phil's family, which seems only fair since they are here so often at Christmas. So we probably won't see her again in 2022.



Jeri & Phil's dog Lester in the car


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