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18 August 2022

Jeri is due to fly in here tonight, to perform with Ned and others in San Francisco on Sataurday.

They will be the last group to play on Saturday (Vinny's Vipers) and are performing their original musical about the alt-right featuring the frog that Ned designed and built.

Jeri helped to write and arrange the show and wants to be part of what will probably be its only performance. (Walt and I are not going because the Hotel Utah only has seating upstairs and it would be difficult for me to get there)

Jeri hemmed and hawed about coming out.  She really dosn't have the time, but she realized she had an airline ticket that was going to expire so she decided to come.  She is scheduled to arrive late tonight and leave on Sunday.

I've been concerned with all the news reports I've seen about flights being delayed and/or canceled and this morning we got a text from Jeri saying that it is raining in Houston and she doesn't know if she will be able to fly into Houston or fly out of Houston. 

Keeping fingers crossed!



Walt and Lamplighters technicians,
after Iolanthe performance

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